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Info-Guide to "Profitable Trading and
How to Save Money Along the Way" - Part-3

Question: Is it OK to call you for (or with) information?

Answer: All contributions should be written. We prefer you not call us regarding an article contribution as we may be busy trading during the day. We trade on an off-and-on basis at various times during the year.

Question: I want to be better informed and get information on planned purchases and make educated buying decisions. Is it all right to ask members for information on specific trading methods and get feedback on specific subjects or trading products?

Answer: This is the "commodity futures knowledge network" ®. An E-Mail or Published reply to your inquiry may be in an upcoming issue, or if you chose, you can give your phone number to receive direct response. You will then be able to make the right decisions to save or make you money.

Comment: Many members make decisions to buy a product, system or a service, or not purchase it, based on what they read in CTCN from actual users. Also, many product and system vendors and service providers have joined our group. They also make educational or instructive contributions to enhance your knowledge.  

Question: Once I become a member, I may at certain times prefer to get specific product information directly from other traders, on a one-on-one basis, and receive it faster than responses received via the next issue. Is there any way that can be done?

Answer: Yes, there is a way! If desired, you may directly contact Knowledge Group participants who have checked-off this option on their Questionnaire.

Comment: These "knowledge participants" voluntarily share their knowledge of specific trading products on a personal level, are a great free benefit. If desired, you can now obtain invaluable information on a very personal level. When you join, you are asked on the Confidential Questionnaire if you would like to join the Knowledge Group. Participation is completely optional.  

Question: How do you know who is familiar with specific products, services or systems?

Answer: At the time you join, you are asked to fill out our Confidential Questionnaire, which asks about products you own or use. This (optional) information is entered into our database, along with your desire to participate in the Knowledge Group. When a member wants one-on-one info on a subject, we do a search and give him the names of one or two participating traders.

Comment: If desired, you can participate in one of two ways: Partial (one-way) Participation, meaning you may contact other members to receive information but you are never contacted. Full Participation means two-way communication, where you both give and receive information. Other "KG" members are given suggested times to contact you. The best times to call are determined by you.  

Question: Is it OK to join the Knowledge Group if I don't currently use any futures related products, have limited knowledge, or simply don't want to give-out information?

Answer: Absolutely, you may join the Partial Participation Knowledge Group. You can also leave the question which inquires about products and services you use blank. It's OK for you to get knowledge, without having to also supply it, in fact many join our group with that in mind!

P.S. - Simply check-off Partial Participation on the Questionnaire, meaning you may get information without giving it yourself.  

Question: What subjects will I read about in CTCN to make me or save me money?

Answer: Many of the subjects were listed before. Here are a few examples: receive opinions from actual users on the best data service for quality, accuracy and cost. Actual trading system owners give details on their systems and if they are happy with it and its pros and cons, including profitability, drawdowns and support.

You will be able to determine which seminars, courses and books are useful, in addition to reading editor product reviews. You can get advice on brokerage firms and their level of service and cost. You will also receive profitable trading advice, including member personal methodologies, etc.

Comment: There are also articles about how members made money or lost money as a direct result of discipline, or the lack of it. Plus, lots of articles on the critically important subject of money management, which is a major factor in trading profitably. In addition, there are reviews and opinions on many trading products, systems and services. You will make your buying decisions easier by reading opinions or reviews from actual users of these products/services. We have a constant flow of fantastic contributions to help you save or make money.

Question: Please give some examples of past articles?


Making Consistent Money with Small Stops: Here are some subjects extracted from some of our back-issues: for example, a trader identified as the "blue collar trader" wrote a great article, one of a lengthy series of articles on his claims to consistent money-making trading of the S&P 500 & Swiss Franc. His "revealed secrets" go into great on detail these apparently highly successful techniques for allegedly making bushels of money on a regular basis, all with comparatively low-risk. He says he does this using amazingly small stops which are usually no more than $300 per trade! We also have available (at extra cost or included with Real Success Course) all the detailed annotated charts showing how he trades. He has taught on the steps necessary to be successful, secrets of using small stops with low risk, trading with the trend on retracements, how to use swings, channels, etc.

Secrets Revealed: We have received lots of praise from traders all over the world on the articles contributed by "blue collar trader." He is believed to be one of the most successful small (one-lot) traders out there, and he reveals his secrets for his apparent consistent low-risk trading. This great series of articles was in CTCN during a 15-month period. You should definitely get all back-issues to benefit greatly. These submissions by our "blue collar trader" by themselves are well worth many times the nominal cost involved!

Articles Coveted by Others & Successful Trader Article/Chart Trading Package is now available direct from Commodity Traders Club News: Because these articles are so powerful and have such great profit potential, we have been asked for permission to reprint some of them by well-known experts, including Commodity Traders Consumer Reports. You simply must read all these fantastic articles. They may teach you how to be a successful futures trader! By the way, CTCN has developed a series of video tapes known as "Real Success" Video Tape Trading Course, which teaches our own great methodology for profitable trading (day trading the S&P 500 in particular). Included with this package are all our copyrighted articles and annotated charts. These "picture is worth a thousand words" charts are only available with CTCN's total educational trading package.

They are not included with the back-issue articles. You will also get lots of CTC's and Dave Green's own unique methodology and some great methodology enhancements and extras.

Experts also write for us:
We have had many great contributions of knowledge by a number of well-known commodity experts, such as Larry Williams, Joe Ross, Robert Miner, John Brown, Gary Smith, Bruce Babcock, John Hill (Futures Truth), Bob Pelletier (CSI), Ted Tesser (a trading tax expert), Ira Epstein, Greg Meadors, Kent Calhoun, W. D. Gann (reprints), Adam White, Technical Traders Bulletin (reprints), a Chicago Board of Trade Sr. Market Analyst, Tom D'Angelo, Chester Keltner, and others.

Mistakes to Avoid for Profitable Trading:
Most of our articles are by unknown private traders, whose knowledge is extremely valuable. Like Mr. Gerd Gwiss from Switzerland, who wrote about the importance of discipline to trading success. He talks in detail about the many mistakes he has made in his own trading, including subjects such as how you shouldn't trade two highly correlated markets at the same time, especially with a small account. Also, how you shouldn't get discouraged if your system has several straight loses. Why you should not alter your original stop-loss order, and the importance of following all trades, not picking and choosing signals.

Valuable Lesson:
In a June back-issue, new trader David Uye wrote about how he lost much of the money in his account due to being guilty of "overtrading." He goes on to explain how he would have made money, not lost, if not for overtrading . . . a valuable lesson!

90% Wins Possible!:
A great article was written in one of our Nov issues by member Robert Edwards, titled "90% Wins Are Possible." Bob explains in detail a unique way to make money using commodity options. He says "it is now rare that I ever take a loss."

Amazing Trading!:
In a Jan issue we reprinted an article on W. D. Gann's amazing early trading career covering a period of time in which he had 264 winners out of 286 trades!

A Member Pays Less Income Tax:
A March Back-Issues had very timely articles by tax expert, trader and CPA, Mr. Ted Tesser, on "Qualifying for Trader Status" and "The Tax Side of Investing (Trading)." Ted reveals little known details on how you can save big money on your taxes. In fact, a member wrote us to say he saved almost $3,000 on his taxes by showing this article to his accountant as his return was being prepared.

How Did Hillary Clinton Do it?:
We've had insightful and investigative type articles on subjects such as how Hillary Rodham Clinton made $100,000 trading Live Cattle. It was a popular subject discussed in several issues that year.

1-Tick Makes a Huge Difference!:
A May issue had a contribution by a new member who details how a minor 1-tick difference in price ($12.50) ended up making a huge difference! He discusses how by changing your price one extra tick, you can be $1,175.00 better-off!

Futures Truth Solves alleged Conflict of Interest:
Several issues during 1994, culminating with Nov 1994, had controversial articles alleging Futures Truth Ltd. had a serious conflict of interest by selling their own system while ranking it along with other systems. Note: A competing newsletter refused to publish these opinions. However, we were not afraid to publicize it. It's interesting to note FT subsequently did stop selling their Universal System due to all the adverse publicity and criticism. They are to be commended on doing that.

Larry Williams, Trading Consistently:
A Dec issue had an article by legendary trading expert Larry Williams, in which he said a "walk forward tested system is better than the very best optimized system." There was also a great article in this issue by "S.A.T." titled "How I Consistently Make Money Daytrading . . . a positive response to last month's negative article."

Only a 2% to 5% Edge is Needed for Success:
1995 started out with a bang in January, when new member Dave R. wrote about how casinos only enjoy a 2% to 5% advantage, yet make billions of dollars on an annual basis. He gave details on his personal system that "tilts the odds (slightly) in your favor on a daily basis." Dave's small advantage resulted in him making net profits over the past three years of $155,533.96!

Less Arguing:
During a Feb issue well-known trading expert and new member Joe Ross wrote an article titled "Don't Let CTCN Degrade With Constant Vendor Bashing & Arguing Like A Similar Competing Newsletter!"

How to Build a Fortune:
This issue also had an article on "How To Build A Fortune Using Volume, Open Interest, Probabilities, etc." by Michel Arimoto.

Poor Support!:
A subsequent March issue had an article by Matthew Chiang titled "Omega TradeStation - Good Product But Poor Support." This opinion was also echoed in other issues.

Chart Shows Profitable Method:
We again printed a large chart and article from our amazingly "blue collar trader" in a June issue. It disclosed details on his profitable methodology, including how to do "Hook Trades off Keltner Retracements," etc.

Always Use a Stop-Loss Order! & The Nuts & Bolts of Trading:
Both July & Sept had contributions about the "Hazards of Trading Without Stops." A particular trade was discussed, which had a huge drawdown because of violating the old adage of always employing a stop-loss order with all trades! The following Oct had another great article by "blue collar trader" titled "Up $4300 in 2-weeks with One-Lot Small & Consistent Wins & The Nuts & Bolts of Trading."

"Blue Collar" Trader also contributed to our Dec/Jan issue by summarizing and expanding upon his money-making articles he contributed during the year, including new details on how he says he trades so successfully with low-risk.

Of course, the actual articles are more detailed and informative than these very brief summaries. Also, we have only outlined contributions from some randomly selected issues. There have been many great articles in all our issues. Each issue contains a number of knowledge packed submissions. On average, there are a two to three to five dozen or so contributions and articles.

Question: Do you as the editor, also write articles or comment on subjects, or is it written entirely by members? Do you have other trading products of your own?

Answer: Each issue has a Editor Comments section where the editor expands upon subjects under discussion, providing it's warranted or helpful to members. This is done to enhance your knowledge or to give extra insight. However, more than 90% of each issue is written by our members, not by the editor. There is also Product Reviews from time-to-time, including Quick-Scan Software and Book Reviews. There may be occasional mentions of web.trading/CTCN's proprietary software and our Real Success Video Trading Course, normally written by its users (not by the editor). Only about 15% of our members are also software or trading system clients.

Comment: We have become very well established, to a significant degree as a result of your editor's extensive experience and background. That's also attributable thanks to a number of industry contacts and many clients over the years as a Trading System Developer and a Trader. Being heavily involved in the futures business on a full-time basis since Feb 1982 has helped us greatly, so you benefit from it.

Question: Do you allow contrary comments when club members have differing viewpoints?

Answer: Of course . . . it's a totally open-forum. Any opinions or comments may be rebutted.

Comment: Members are asked to write if they disagree with any articles or editorial remarks. Your opinion will be published, regardless of whether the editor agrees. Members benefit by getting varying opinions, as there are normally two sides to every story.

Question: Is advertising allowed in Commodity Traders Club News?

Answer: Yes, by allowing for vendor advertising, it helps cover some publishing and mailing expenses. Consequently, it can be offered to you at low cost and save you money. Also, you might find some ads helpful or informative.

Question: How much does advertising cost and what type of ads are available?

Answer:For up-to-date Advertising Opportunities & Information Click-Here.

Question: Do you ever sell member addresses or phone numbers to vendors, brokers, etc.?

Answer: No, they are not sold, or rented. To protect your privacy, this strict confidentiality policy will continue.

Comment: Your phone number or personal information will never be sold or rented. You will not have to be concerned about unsolicited phone calls.

Question: Do you really think I will benefit a lot from my membership in your club news?

Answer: Definitely! It would be amazing if you do not reap great benefits and knowledge from your membership. The subjects discussed are extremely interesting, informative and enlightening, so you will make money, save money or not waste money.

Comment: Your trading methodology, results, purchase decisions, or your use of various trading products and services will be helped greatly by our wealth of knowledge.

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