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Info-Guide to "Profitable Trading and
How to Save Money Along the Way" - Part-4

Question: What is the greatest benefit I will likely get from club membership?

Answer: The most valuable benefit will probably be the fact your overall learning-curve will be speeded up significantly. That is true regardless of whether you are a new or experienced trader. Subsequently, you'll be able to make informed and correct decisions on purchases of various trading tools, products and services. You will also be able to improve an existing trading method, or learn new methodologies. 

Comment: It takes most experienced traders many years, and likely many thousands of dollars in losses or expenses to acquire the knowledge and tools necessary to trade well. By reading our jam-packed pages of knowledge, you will advance more rapidly and at much less cost. In addition, you will be able to improve your ability to select the best methods and products, so you will be an expert at trading.

A Trading Expert's Comment: A Trading Member Timothy Slater of Dow Jones Telerate Seminars (formerly CompuTrac) Experts recently quoted Plato "Let knowledge be his guide, not personal experiences."

Tim also said "With CTCN you will learn from the experiences and accumulated wisdom of others, rather than the "School of Hard Knocks."

Question: Do you offer free sample copy or short-term trial offers, like some others do?

Answer: No, you can NOW get a free sample copy, or you can read backissues online FREE. That helps keep our expenses down and your membership cost low. However, if you're really serious about quickly enhancing your knowledge, become a Commodity Traders Club News member NOW.

Comment: One reason for this itemized Info-Guide, is so the contents of CTCN are covered in great detail. After reading this, you will know its purpose and subject matter in even better detail than you would by actually reading an issue. We want members who are serious about rapidly enhancing their knowledge, at low cost. They realize its price is nominal compared to its great benefits. However, if you prefer to see an issue first, it's online FREE - Click-Here.

Question: How do I start my one-year subscription/membership?

Answer: You may become a member by first reading our Money-saving Click now to join!

You may join here with online SECURE encryption technology, or pay by check or charge to your Visa, MC or American Express card.

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Comment: To reduce expenses, save time, avoid errors, and keep your membership costs low, we prefer you join our group here online, or via MAIL (to above address) or by FAX to 1-623-551-5090. However, if you prefer to join by phone, our number is 1-623-551-5090. For your benefit, don't delay, join our group today.

"Knowledge is Better than Gold" -- The greatest source to obtaining wisdom and knowledge is in reading . . . . so subscribe now to start your journey on the road to becoming an expert in trading. Remember, as King Solomon said: "Knowledge is of more value than gold, receive my instructions and not silver, and knowledge rather than gold" (Proverbs)

Special Pricing Now Available: As explained earlier, memberships are occasionally offered (to new members only) at sharply reduced cost, compared to our regular price. Please continue reading this Info-Guide for details about the money-saving special pricing that's now in effect. Join NOW, for your opportunity to be a financially independent trading expert.

Details on how to get the Two Free Special Reports: Described next are two Special Reports, valued at $20. You will get them both free by promptly becoming a CTC member. I want to mail these unique reports to you right away. To get them, simply complete the Response Coupon and Invitation Certificate, which are located elsewhere in this Info-Guide. It will take only a few-minutes of your time. Your membership will make you or save you money, on the road to profitable trading and financial independence.

Both Special Reports will be sent free, along with your order. Continue reading your Info-Guide for more details and join our group today, so you will start benefiting right away. Remember, this is a limited-time offer so please don't delay. By the way, you are always welcome to E-Mail at anytime, or write/Fax me now if you have questions or details not clear to you.

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