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Webtrading can teach you to potentially master successful commodity futures, options and stock market trading. Our goal is for you to be a successful trader thanks to the trading knowledge we can provide, much of it FREE!

Go-Here for 1-second trades A number of commodity futures markets, stocks and indices may move sharply higher or drop quickly at anytime. Learn how to profit from the markets with trade resources we offer.

CTCN's many trading services and traders benefits will give you both the Trading Tools and Trading Knowledge you need to potentially make money?Remember, if you can learn relatively simple and sound trading systems and timeless trading methods, it can last you a lifetime and bring you long-lasting financial success.

Commodity Futures trading knowledge network provides many resources and products and services to help commodity futures, options and stock market traders succeed in their search for financial freedom, including the most important trading resource of all - knowledge!

You are capable of vastly Increasing your Wealth and Freedom thru Power of Knowledge and Education which we offer you. Our goal is to educate traders on all the opportunities traders may achieve by using the latest teaching methods,so they can benefit from all the financial resources we offer.

Our trading clients and trading friends receive lots of unique trading knowledge, great profit potential trading techniques and many excellent trading tools so you may potentially make trading profits, which are always waiting for you in the commodity futures, options and stock markets.

However, the majority of traders end up losing money trading. Some of there a sons for trading losses are:

1. No valid Trading Plan or not using a good Trading Methodology
2. Poor Risk-Management and improper use of Stop-Losses
3. Lack of General Trading Knowledge and Insight
4. A Trading Plan which is not based on Sound Trading Principles

Is it perhaps just a coincidence Technical Analysis and commonly known Technical Indicators are what most traders use in their trading? What does the sad fact most traders lose have to do with this? Is there a connection? Yes! There is little doubt there is a strong correlation here!

The fact is the so called science of trading by using technical analysis does NOT give the typical small trader a trading advantage. In fact, it works negatively as none of the many technical analysis type indicators familiar to technical traders really work well in real-time trading!

They may "work" for the technical trader for a while by chance or because the markets signature and trend just happens to be in synch with a technical indicator, at least for a while.

However, you can be pretty well assured it will not stay in synch for very long. Once it gets out-of-synch, the trading losses and draw downs start for them ark et technician commodity futures or stocks traders, and eventually they will likely end up losing significant funds.

Let's face it, the sad fact is technical analysis and technical indicators just plain don't work very well (used by themselves), at least with much consistency and without large equity drawdowns and without high risk.

Usually, the only way a technical indicator will work (by itself) as far as long-term profits go is if the commodity futures, stock indices market or stocks trader has incredible amounts of discipline, patience and very importantly very deep pockets to ride out the typical storms, which entail long losing time periods and heavy account drawdowns.

For example, a simple moving average sometimes will manage to capture significant market moves. However, there will normally be frequent adverse moves against the major market trend and significant account equity draw downs,some of which may last for many days, weeks or even months before it goes your way to a large degree.

Please note the above refers to position trades and long-term price charts or bar-charts. If you are a short-term day-trader we can substitute bars for days. In other words, a "day" becomes a 1-minute or 5-minute bar as shown on a day trader's bar-chart, a "week" may be perhaps a 15-minuteintra-day bar and a "month" could be perhaps a 30-minute intra-day bar on the day-traders price charts or Tradestation screen.

Please ask yourself this important question: Do you have the discipline,stress level and deep pockets involved in watching a commodity futures contract, a long term options position or perhaps a stock or S&P position move heavily against you for far more days (or many bars, for day-traders) than the days (or bars) which sometimes go your way? Not too likely if you are atypical trader!

You should probably forget about doing much research and spending lots of your time doing market research involving most all technical indicators. Such as Stochastics, MACD, Relative Strength (RSI), Momentum, Moving Averages,Channel Breakouts, Percentage R, Pitch Forks, Fan Lines, Market Waves, Volume Analysis, Open Interest Studies, Oscillators and many other (perhaps all)technical analysis indicators.

Of course, it's possible to trade successfully but very unlikely if you area technical trader and depending on technical analysis and using technical indicators. If you're thinking then I will trade based on market fundamentals,forget about it.

Fundamental traders typically fare no better, if not worse, than technicians. This is because the commercial interests and hedgers know the fundamentals best and they normally trade contra-trend anyway, sometimes for months on end, before fundamental factors finally kick in and are revealed in the commodities price charts.

In can take enormous amount of time (many weeks or months) before real fundamental factors are reflected in the agricultural markets, grain markets,energy markets, metals markets, interest rate markets, stock indices, currency markets, and other financial and commodity markets.

Large commercial interests and physical commodity firms, like food and commodity processors, oil firms, precious metals dealers, banks, etc. (who typically secretly know the true market fundamentals) can trade very long term and hang onto large positions almost indefinitely and incur long term large drawdowns in their hedging and trading as they have very deep pockets,something you no doubt are lacking!

Traders Organization and Commodity Traders Club, and our related financial websites can teach you unique stop-loss methods to reduce risk and avoid large losing trades. Plus, we know a great new way to capture trading profits with predetermined and scientifically based profit target prices. Our low-drawdown trading approach minimizes risk but at the same time allows for trading profits.

We will tell you about the reward and very importantly, also the risk, so nothing is likely to surprise you as you seek a successful trading methodology for commodity futures, stock indices and options trading success.

Many clients thru out the U.S.A. and World-Wide have used our trading systems, trading methodologies, CTCN Newsletter and other trading and financial services - we can also help you succeed, with wisdom, knowledge and traders insight.

Remember this as it's critically important - in the Bible (Proverbs), King Solomon said Wisdom and Knowledge is Worth More than Jewels and Silver!This is so very true!

Probably the most famous stock market and commodities market trader of all time, Mr. William D. Gann, also said something quite similar in his writings when he said - a trader who has knowledge can lose all his money but still comeback and make a success, thanks to wisdom and knowledge he has acquired!

You will get lots of trading knowledge by studying our financial trading and investing traders websites closely, in particular the extensive content and thousands of pages of online articles which are written almost entirely by our trading club members, for the most part private individual traders like you.

Traders Organization wants you to come with us on a trader's web-journey, in which you will discover a trading methodology which may very well"work" for you. The "Real Success" Methodology Course . . .All the potentially money-making details on the simplest, basic, true stuff which may make you consistent money in the future and possibly well into the New Millennium . . . come with us on a commodities futures knowledge journey and explore this Complete Guide to possible commodity futures trading day trading success traders.

Many of our trading and investing clients have given voluntary testimonials on how our trading services and trading products have benefited them. Great News! We offer most of our Commodity Traders Club News back-issues on-line for the trader to read and gain free trading knowledge. Be sure to take advantage of all the information offered. By using all information we offer you have opportunities to make money from trading.

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