Carefree Arizona

Below are some interesting Facts about Carefree Arizona:

There are many spectacular sights of the desert and boulders awaiting you in Carefree, which is just a short drive north of Phoenix and Scottsdale

Carefree AZ is where the world's largest Sundial in North America is located, in the Downtown Town Center Gardens area.

There are some very nice homes and acres for sale in the Carefree and Cave Creek area and elsewhere in the State of Arizona.

The Town of Carefree is a small community of about 3000 residents in winter is 8.5 square miles in area has a 2600 foot elevation and was incorporated in 1984.

Carefree borders Scottsdale, Arizona to the south and east, and Cave Creek, Arizona to the west. The Tonto National Forest borders Carefree on the north with rolling hills and desert terrain.

To reach Carefree Arizona from Phoenix metropolitan area, you would travel north on Hwy. I-17 to Carefree Hwy. (about 8 miles from city limits), turn east for about 13-miles to Tom Darlington Rd, and north about 1-1/2 miles. Another way to travel to Carefree is to drive straight north on Scottsdale Rd. The Town of Carefree is located north of Carefree Highway.

To reach Carefree Arizona from Scottsdale Arizona you would take Scottsdale Road north to Carefree Hwy and continue north on Tom Darlington Road.

To reach Carefree from Northern Arizona, Flagstaff and Interstate-40, you would travel south on Interstate 17 to Carefree Hwy then east for about 13-miles, and north at Tom Darlington/Scottsdale Rd.

The Carefree Arizona Town Hall is located next to the sundial in the center of town. The building location for the Town Hall and Post Office is at "100 Easy Street" which is just south of the Tom Darlington and Cave Creek Rd. intersection.

The new park downtown is called The Gardens at Carefree Town Center and is a beautiful place to stroll, view flowers, artwork, and enjoy lunch at one of the park covered ramadas. Also enjoy scheduled events and concerts in the amphitheater. The Town of Carefree offers unique business and boutique shops, resorts, restaurants, wildlife, and a beautiful setting in the Sonoran Desert foothills and Cave Creek area.

Visit Town of Carefree Arizona and enjoy the peacefulness and tranquility of a small town, the wonderful mountain views and lovely climate. The world famous Boulders Resort is located in Carefree.

History of Carefree

Carefree Arizona, the new area, was founded by K.T. Palmer. The desert's true beauty inspired in him a great vision. He, along with Tom Darlington, created one of the most exclusive and prominent resorts in the country. They also committed themselves to preserving the natural beauty of the desert.

The conception of Carefree Arizona came about over a business lunch in 1946. Tom Darlington said someday he'd like to plan and build a town from scratch. Palmer agreed and 9-yrs later they bought 2,200 acres and started Carefree Arizona. In his autobiography, Palmer credited his whimsy for street names for the way Carefree caught on and got attention. He and Darlington named the streets to suggest leisurely living and a life-style "free of care."

The alluring landscape and careful preservation of this part of the Sonoran Desert has always been part of Carefree's effect on its inhabitants. The close proximity to the Phoenix Metropolitan area ("close but not too close yet not too far") with Downtown Phoenix Arizona & Sky Harbor Airport conveniently located approximately 32-miles away, makes Cave Creek and Carefree AZ accessible and yet it remains so different from those areas. It truly reflects the pristine image of the desert. The consideration and efforts of several generations have insured that this will not change. Through zoning regulations, restrictions and building requirements, the area will remain as it always has been, with its beautiful lushly vegetated desert.

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