All about Bamboo Plank Flooring

Exotic hardwood floors are made up of solid exotic wood that is not grown in North America. These wooden planks are imported from Africa, Australia, Brazil, and the Far East. They are known for distinct coloration and wood grain, and can be bought as solid hardwood plank or engineered wood construction.

Exotic hardwood flooring is used for its distinct look. These pricey floors should be considered an investment as homes with exotic wood floors fetch higher prices vs homes with other floorings.

When selecting your exotic hardwood flooring, you can choose from different grain styles and colors. Dark colors go well with conventional interiors, while light colors are suitable for casual and modern interiors. These versatile floorings come in a wide range of finishes. Exotic hardwood flooring can be installed in all rooms but the selected area should be kept dry.

Exotic hardwood flooring comes from all over the world, and is available at many retail outlets. However, in most cases you will find pricing for this item ranges from $4.00 to $7.00 per square-ft Since exotic hardwood floors are not manufactured in the United States, it is best to find a seller who imports large quantities, and thus pays less shipping costs per square foot. Often such a seller will pass some of the savings on to you.

Hard Wood Floors provides detailed information on installing, cleaning and refinishing various types of hardwood floors, including engineered, solid, long-strip, exotic, pre-finished, and cheap hardwood floors. Hard Wood Floors is the sister site of Bamboo Flooring Web.

What to Consider when Purchasing Hardwood Floors:

Bamboo floors will ding and scratch just like any other hardwood floors will. Natural bamboo floors will show dirt and heel marks due to its yellowish color.

Cleaning and caring for your bamboo floors should always be considered before purchase.

You can use area rugs in high traffic areas, such as the kitchen and entry areas. Does your dog get excited when the doorbell rings? Put down an area rug by front door to protect your bamboo floors from scratching and gouging.

What's so great about Bamboo Flooring - Bamboo Flooring is environmentally sound and are just beautiful and cool!

Bamboo is Sustainable & Beautiful

Bamboo flooring is manufactured from fast-growing giant bamboo. Bamboo is a grass and not wood. Bamboo is harvested after 3 to 4 years or the plant is wasted. Because bamboo grows so quickly, it is a "green" and environmentally friendly product.

Bamboo flooring is available as planks and engineered flooring composed of laminated strips. Bamboo flooring comes in different grades that are determined by environmental variables such as age, rain, and when it is harvested. These and other factors affect the hardness and quality of the material. Because bamboo is treated during manufacturing, it does not attract termites or ants and it is fire and warp-resistant. Bamboo flooring is essentially slip-proof and really easy to clean.

Bamboo flooring planks:

Bamboo flooring has become very popular with homeowners because of its beauty and its durability. Bamboo flooring has higher strength properties than oak. Bamboo is often characterized as an exotic wood. Bamboo is actually a grass that is the fastest-growing plant on the planet. Bamboo can regenerate itself without replanting and will reach its mature height in just a few years. By Marcus Peterson

Samples of Bamboo Flooring Planks

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