There is one thing you definitely need to do in your lifetime - travel to Sedona Arizona which is located in The Verde Valley in north central Arizona at the 4,500 ft level. You will want to visit amazing Sedona vortexes anomalies, which seem to emit strange power (believed to be Earth gravitational fields), which many Sedona residents and Visitor's say gives them strength and potential healing power to people visiting a Sedona vortex.

Anomaly brings you the amazing anomalies of the odd, strange and the unexplained! Including science anomalies, strange phenomena, unusual events, anomalies in the cosmos, space-time vortexes, unidentified flying objects, nature phenomena, time travel, artifacts, antiquities, lost civilizations and about the well-known Sedona Vortexes in Sedona Arizona!

The Sedona Vortex

What is a Vortex? A Vortex can be described as a whirling mass of energy in places where the natural electromagnetic field of Earth is particularly strong. These are very special areas where electrical energies from inner earth are generated, stored and released. There are many electrical energies, and Sedona has one of the most powerful. Sedona's geology is noted for its iron-rich rock formations with strata of natural crystals which act as "focal points" for electromagnetic earth energies.

A vortex is a whirlwind, a whirlpool, a circular motion. All the universe is a vortex. Tourists from around the world come to Sedona to try and experience this energy, a swirling wind, forces that are not earthy. You may be disappointed by not having the experience, but not disappointed with your vacation to Sedona Arizona. The Vortex is simply a tool for you to find an inner feeling, not unlike the feeling you may experience on the first sight of The Grand Canyon, or the Pyramids of Egypt.

This does not mean you will not have an experience by the Vortex. You may be able to meditate easier, emotions may be stronger, or you may find out more about yourself than you may have known. The Earth and the Sedona Area and its vortexes bring out much more of our human perceptions than we realize, and it is up to you to experience the most from the energy that seems to flow from the red rocks of Sedona.

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