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Get Ready for School!

The road to your childs success in school begins early. Good health, loving relationships, parental guidance and praise, and many opportunities to learn, all help children do well later in life. As a parent, you are the most important person in your child's life. Throughout the early learning years, you can do many simple things to help your children grow, develop, and have fun learning.

School Readiness Activities

Music Makers for young children

1. Sing a lullaby to calm your child.

2. Let your child bang a spoon on pots, pans, or plastic bowls; shake a large rattle or plastic container filled with beans, buttons, or other noisy items; and blow through empty toilet paper or paper towel rolls.

3. Have your children take part in nursery rhymes. They can copy your hand movements, clap, or hum along.

4. Encourage your child to sway and dance to music.

5. Encourage your child to sing. Pick a simple melody such as "Mary Had a Little Lamb."

Scribble, Cut, and Paste for children entering school

1. Scribbling, cutting, and pasting helps to develop motor skills, which will help children learn to write.

2. Scribble: Give your child different kinds of paper and writing materials to scribble with. Provide crayons, markers, or chalk that can be washed off.

3. Cut and Paste: Help your child learn how to use blunt nosed scissors. Practice with your child and cut out different shapes from paper or pictures from magazines and newspapers. Paste these and other items, such as scraps of cloth, yarn, string, or cotton balls, to paper. You can make paste with flour and water or by using leftover egg white.

Getting Along for children of any age

1. Let your children know that you are glad to be their parent. Give them personal attention and encouragement. Do fun things together.

2. Set a good example. Say "please and thank you." Have your child help you make cookies to welcome a new neighbor.

3. Help your child find ways to solve conflicts with siblings and friends. Teach your child that it's mean to gang up on one person.

4. Show your children you love them through hugs, kisses, an arm over the shoulder, or a pat on the back.

5. Teach your child to include siblings in neighborhood games.

6. Teach your child to look out for siblings and other family members.

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