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start running slow

Today is which is a good date to discover the joy of Running ... Frequently people are turned away from running for simply starting too hard and too fast. This route often leads to sore muscles, painful joints and generally a dislike for running. The most common pains experienced by new runners are shin splints as well as pain or soreness in the knees, feet and lower back. These pains can be minimized by starting off slow and easing into a routine.

New runners can avoid some of the aches and pains of getting started by beginning with a walking/jogging program rather than a running program. This is simply done by walking for 2-3-minutes and then running for 2-3-minutes. This routine should last approximately 20 to 30 minutes and take place 3-4 times per week. A steady increase of running with a decrease of walking will eventually lead to the ability to run for 30-minutes without walking.

Remember that speed isn't the most important part of the start of running. The ability to run fast will happen over time as your bones and muscles become stronger. After that, you can train for distance or time. Both of these are effective means of training and should be selected on a personal basis. Also, an idea that may incorporate running into your lifestyle, as opposed to a short-term New Year's resolution is to keep a journal and log your runs. This will help you track achievements and measure improvements.

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