A Geriatrician is a Physician who is
Expert in Caring for Older People...

The mission of geriatrician is to provide free information and knowledge for elderly persons well-being starting today about elderly medical care and geriatric health.

A geriatrician is something more than a physician who simply cares for old people. The geriatrician should, above all, be well grounded in internal medicine, have a genuine fondness for the elderly and their problems, and be experienced in neurology, psychiatry and rehabilitation medicine. A possible additional role is that of organizer and coordinator of health services for old people.

Geriatricians are initially trained in family practice or internal medicine and then complete at least one additional year of specialized training in Geriatrics to be a Geriatrician for the aging and elderly.

The Geriatrician medicine specialist promotes elderly wellness and preventive care to help older patients maintain a good degree of functional independence in performing normal activities of daily living.

The nation's aging population is growing rapidly. By 2030, the number of adults age 65 and older will nearly double to 70 million. Do research before making your final decision and you will be much better off in the long run. Americans are living longer and older adults can now live for many years with multiple chronic illnesses.

25% of the Social Security Medicare population has at least 5 chronic conditions i.e. hypertension, diabetes, arthritis. Geriatricians have the expertise and leadership skills needed to coordinate services among multiple specialty health care providers. Click-here for Health Tip of the Day.

Unfortunately, a geriatrician shortage exists in the United States and is projected to worsen over the next few decades as the nation ages and people live longer. Currently, there is one more geriatrician for every 5000 adults age 65 and older. In 2030, it is estimated that there will only be one geriatrician for every 7,700 older adults, representing an expected 50% decline over the next two decades.

An interdisciplinary approach to medicine lies at the heart of geriatric medicine. Geriatricians work with teams of nurse practitioners, psychiatrists, surgical specialists, pharmacists, social workers, and physical and occupational therapists to ensure the best health-care for their patients.

The benefits of geriatric care have been proven to include increased patient and family satisfaction; decreased time as an inpatient in a hospital or nursing home; improved social functioning; decreased rates of depression and preservation of as much physical function as possible thanks in part to upcoming popularity involving.

You need to workout constantly.

A strong national work force of geriatricians with the knowledge, skills and a good attitude to care for our aging population is desired.

Prescribing in Care Homes - the Role of the Geriatrician

Large numbers of frail elderly people spend some time of their lives in care homes. Increasing age is associated with altered physiology, multiple diagnoses and complex comorbidity, and polypharmacy. Those living in care homes often take larger numbers of medications than those who live in the community and the risk of morbidity as a direct or indirect result of medications is high.

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Many methods have been suggested to revise the number and type of medications prescribed for individuals at risk of adverse drug reactions (ADRs), both in the community and in hospital with variable success and implementation.

In conjunction with these professionals, community geriatricians undertaking a comprehensive geriatric assessment can reduce the number of medications prescribed or optimize therapy where there may be under prescribing (e.g. in depression), thereby reducing the overall risk of hospital admission ADRs.

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