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Credit Card Protection

Send a follow up letter with a copy
to the Federal Trade Commission

So often community members have asked for a letter example to accomplish some purpose. This then is a sample format I have written myself or obtained from others on my Forum. Feel free to copy, paste, and alter to fit your needs.

It is unusual that a credit bureau will ignore two request and not respond. However should this occur, send a follow up letter with a copy to the Federal Trade Commission.

No Response To Second CRA Letter


From: (Your Name)

TO: Consumer Relations Credit Reporting Agency Address City, State, Zip Code

Subject: Continued Response From Your Office

On (Date) I requested a reinvestigation of certain items on my credit file. Additionally, on (Date) , I made a second request. A copy of both letters are included.

The Fair Credit Reporting Act dictates a rapid response. This has not been the case. I assume you have not responded because the disputed items cannot be verified. Therefore, please delete these items and send me a corrected copy and send an updated copy to everyone who has requested a copy of my file within the past 6-months.

Please note that a copy of this letter is being forwarded to the Federal Trade Commission for compliance.




Address Phone Number (optional)

CC: Federal Trade Commission