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Hard Core Dispute

So often community members have asked for a letter example to accomplish some purpose. This then is a sample format I have written myself or obtained from others on my Forum. Feel free to copy, paste, and alter to fit your needs.

Hard Core Dispute to Creditor

Your name & address


Re: Charge-off on my credit report

Dear Billing Department,

I will be filing suit on June 12, 2014 against your company, and Collection Services Bureau.

You have damaged my name, and my credit my having derogatory information entered into my credit file. After multiple letters and phone calls to both agencies, you continue to act as if I am at fault for your mistakes.

The only documentation that was provided to me was a computer printout that had my name on it. There is no signature, my social security number, drivers license, or anything saying that I am connected with this debt.

I demand this debt be immediately removed from Collection Services Bureau, and all credit reporting agencies. Since I am now receiving “denial of credit” because of your mistake, I have the right to seek punitive damages against you. I will also retain a lawyer, and you will be liable for his legal expenses.

You have 2-weeks from today to reinstate my credit to the state it was prior to your error. Rest assured that I am not playing, and this is no hoax. I will name Radiology Associates, Collection Services Bureau, and the signer for this letter as defendants, then seek judgments against all three.