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Credit Card Protection

So often community members have asked for a letter example to accomplish some purpose. This then is a sample format I have written myself or obtained from others on my Forum. Feel free to copy, paste, and alter to fit your needs.

You have the right to challenge all incomplete, erroneous, or misleading entries in your file. The credit bureau must re-investigate each entry. If the entry cannot be verified, it must be deleted. Include a copy of your report with circled items and list them in your letter. Be aware that sometimes items are simply deleted if the credit bureau feels the re-verification is not worth the effort.

Dispute Credit Report... a Variation


From: (Your Name)

TO: Consumer Relations

Credit Reporting Agency


City, State, Zip Code

Subject: Dispute of Credit Report

Please review the following inaccurate items listed on my (our) credit report.

In accordance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act, I understand you will check each item with the creditors listed and remove any item which cannot be verified. I further understand you will reinvestigate and reply to my request within 30 days.






Phone Number (optional)