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Credit Card Protection

Creditor Stop Harassment Letter

You have rights if collectors are bothering you.

So often community members have asked for a letter example to accomplish some purpose. This then is a sample format I have written myself or obtained from others on my Forum. Feel free to copy, paste, and alter to fit your needs.

A collection agency cannot engage in a number of activities in order to collect a debt. A debtor may not be contacted before 8am or after 9pm nor at a place of work if the collection agency knows calls are not permitted. A collector may not oppress, abuse, threaten, or use obscene language. The collector cannot misrepresent nor mislead nor add aditional charges. A review of the Fair Credit Collection Practices Act reveals more.

Creditor Stop Harassment Letter


From: (Your Name and Account)

TO:Customer Relations, Name of Business, Address, City, State, Zip Code,

Subject: Complaint of Harassment

I am currently unable to pay my obligation in full because _________________________________________. However, under the protection of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, I am entitled to be treated with dignity and respect. Your collection agency is in violation of the law by their actions stated as follows (state circumstance): _________________________________________ _________________________________________

I will curtail legal action at my disposal including a law suit in small claims court for punitive damages. In return, I expect your written assurance that you and your agency will permanently cease all efforts to collect this obligation as well as remove all blemishes regarding this debt in my credit file. I expect to hear from you immediately.


Signature Your Name

Spouses's Name

CC: Federal Trade Commission

State Collection Agency Licensing Board

Collection Agency (Name)