All About Vibration Syndrome

Exactly What is Vibration Syndrome?

"Vibration Syndrome" aka "Phantom Vibration Syndrome" is a troubling and somewhat mysterious new medical condition which is becoming more and more common as cell phone use expands worldwide.

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Vibration Syndrome which is also known by longer variations of its name as "phantom vibration syndrome" and also "phantom vibrating syndrome" a.k.a. 'cell phone ringing syndrome' or the similar "vibrating syndrome" is a surprisingly occurring and false perception.

This Girl has an 88% chance of getting Vibration Syndrome!

Phantom-Vibration-Syndrome is a weird and disturbing feeling your cell phone is ringing or vibrating when it's not and not actually in-use, or in contact with your body in any way!

"PhantomVibrationSyndrome" can also happen when your phone is not necessarily nearby, within reach or even within view of the mobile phone owner.

Although Vibration-Syndrome condition is commonly referred to by both the public and media by the term "vibration syndrome" according to some doctors, vibration-syndrome technically speaking is not really a syndrome in the true medical sense.

Instead, VibrationSyndrome is a type of mental hallucination from the sufferers brain which due to a syndrome effect wrongly believes there is a physical presence sensation which is not really there.

Girl in shower hallucinating her phone is vibrating or ringing

Vibrations syndrome phantom ringing may happen most anywhere or anytime such as when watching TV, at the movies, taking a bath or shower, exercising, walking, running, playing sports, laying in bed, using another electronic device, or doing nothing noteworthy.

It is reported by recent studies and research that 88% of cell phone users now suffer or from time-to-time will feel the impact of vibrating and vibration syndrome, which is an extremely high percentage! More information about vibration syndrome is coming soon.

Does radiating energy relate to phantom-vibration-syndrome

5 teens on phone 1 without she may get vibrating syndrome