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There are Several Types of Headaches

Migraine and Other Vascular Headaches
Symptoms and Diagnosis

Tension and Other Muscle-Contraction Headaches
Symptoms and Diagnosis

Treatment for Headaches

When headaches occur three or more times a month, treatment is typically recommended. Pain medication, biofeedback training, stress reduction, and elimination of certain foods from the diet are the most common methods of controlling and preventing vascular headaches. Regular exercise, including swimming or vigorous walking, can also reduce the number and severity of migraines.

Not all headaches require medical attention. But some types signal more serious disorders and call for prompt medical care. These include:

Where Does It Hurt?

Headaches are felt in different parts of the brain, as shown here:

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Questions to Ask Your Doctor about Headaches

NIH Research to Results about Headaches

Much headache research focuses on migraines, which are frequently so severe they prevent people from being able to work or go about their daily activities.