is a good time to get hands-on level assistance with your health or beauty issues from a health and wellness expert by ordering a personal consultation


You can get the health and beauty advice you need with personal consultation. We can explore health and longevity subjects and your health or beauty worries such as feeling and looking younger and what's likely causing health, fitness and beauty issues. We can talk about treatment options. We may ask you to send us (as an option) a photo, such as your skin for example, showing areas of your body related to issues to assist us with our analysis and also give you a more personal level of consulting.

Our personal consultation fee is $49 for an in-depth 45-minute consultation by phone. We are including (as a limited-time special bonus) 60-days of free email or text message consultation on any health related issues. Consulting will be from a beauty and health-expert (who is not an MD* and is a non-physician*) with extensive and in-depth personal experience in over 100 health, beauty and wellness subjects.

Please call us with questions you may have before ordering at our 800-number Monday thru Friday from 10-AM to 4-PM MST. After paying, we will contact you to setup a convenient date and time for your consultation session.

health and wellness expert


health and wellness expert  woman worried about not looking younger and aging skin sore, rash or bite on arm

young looking healthy skin for facial beauty exercise and healthy eating for weight loss eat healthy food not prescription drugs

work on not getting more wrinkles a healthy lifestyle for looking young dark circles (exagerrated) under your eyes can be lessened

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*We also recommend you see a medical doctor about health issues
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