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Today is which is a good time to start looking prettier and sexier, by using eye glitter, cosmetics, nice eyebrows and Eye Shadow, applied properly. Eye glitter is a dramatic effect that can glamorize any evening occasion by dressing up your face and overall appearance. Eye glitter is a fun way to accentuate any outfit. Eye glitter can also be used for your everyday eye makeup routine, if applied with subtle shadows of gold, silver and iridescent colors.

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Eye glitter is easy to use, if you use the ready made glitter Eye Shadow.

Applying eye glitter from scratch where you need eye glitter, Eye Shadow primer and concealer, can be time consuming and difficult to apply.

The Basics of Eye Makeup

When applying eye makeup, the eyes should be expressive and glowing, since they are a very important part of the face and should be well highlighted. If eyes are properly enhanced by makeup, they give the impression of your beauty. As they say, the eyes are the windows of your soul. It is the first detail of your face that people will look into and even base their impressions on. Eyes also create the overall facial expression that smiling lips could never hide. Thus, getting the correct eye makeup is very important, since it will help create tantalizing eyes that can bewitch every soul and every man.

Women usually refer to eye makeup as the multi-colored palette better known as eye shadow. beautiful eyesEye makeup, has three basic components; Eye Shadow, mascara, and eyeliner. If you want to achieve expressively beautiful eyes, you should have these three kinds of makeup to color your eyes. And before worrying what brand and color to get, it's important to know how to use these eye makeup's to there own advantage.

Eye Shadow

Usually applied first before an eyeliner and mascara, Eye Shadow comes in a wide variety of colors. Eye Shadow comes in the powdery and sometimes glittery cake form, there is also liquid Eye Shadow. It is applied on the eyelids, eye sockets, and near the eyebrows to achieve a glowing look.


If you want to make your eyes look bigger or boldly expressive, eyeliner will usually do the trick. It creates a frame for the rest of the eye makeup. Eyeliner comes in pencil form, liquid and felt-tip pen. Eyeliner is applied to the bottom eyelid and can also be used to define the shape of the eyebrows.


Tantalizing eyes are usually defined by having long dark eyelashes. Mascara can lengthen, curl, and make your eyelashes look thicker. Mascara comes in liquid form. Mascara comes in many colors, however black is the most popular.

Now that you know the basics of eye makeup, getting yourself skilled at applying eye makeup, is the next step for creating beautiful eyes.

Easy and Simple Eye Makeup Tips

Achieving glowing and expressive eyes with makeup is a must-do for woman. Throwing a bright and warm gaze at anyone is essential in establishing the right impression. Eye makeup can help, however can be tricky if you don't know how to blend the right colors for a particular look. Eye makeup tips should serve useful for beginners and those who keep using the wrong makeup application techniques. Below are some easy and simple tips you can apply to create a professional look.

Most eye makeup tips suggest that you first focus on the lids, which require the use of Eye Shadows. With the wide variety of Eye Shadow colors available, just remember to choose three basic shades namely light, medium, and dark. The light shade is first gently applied specifically in the upper portion of your eyes near the brow bone. The medium shade comes next and applied to color the eye lids. The stroke of your brush should start at the inner corner to the outer edge of the eye lid. When the shades meet near the crease lightly blend it using your fingertip. Finally, the dark shade is applied to put some contouring and depth on your eyes. From the inner corner, follow the crease to the outer edge of eyes and gently use your fingertip again to blend and soften the lines.

Next, work on your eyeliner at the base of the bottom of your eyelashes. You can also apply on the base of your top eyelashes depending on how wide set you want your eyes to appear. Just remember to begin at the inner corners of the eye with a very thin line and gradually thicken the line as you go towards the edge.

Finally, focus your eye makeup on your eyelashes using mascara. Common eye makeup tips advise to apply it only at the tips of your eyelashes. The aim is to separate the lashes and build a nice coating that would make eyelashes look darker and longer. Repeated light strokes of the mascara brush should do the trick. Be gentle in applying mascara to avoid clumps and smudges because it could ruin your entire eye makeup job.

Importance of Using Eye Makeup Brushes

If you think that any eye makeup brush can be used for any purpose, this information might just surprise you. There are different types of eye makeup brushes that serve different purposes. And if you're planning to master the art of applying eye makeup, then getting to know the different types of eye makeup brushes is definitely a must.

The eyes are the windows to a person's soul. This may be just a cliche to a lot of people, but it actually holds a ring of truth. In fact, lots of people believe that you get to know a lot about someone by looking at their eyes. Thus, it would be better to know how to accentuate the look of one's eyes, to give a better self image to others. And being familiar with different types of eye makeup brushes can help.

First is the Eye Shadow brush. The Eye Shadow brush is short and flat. These qualities make using the brush in applying Eye Shadow easy. There are also various shapes when it comes to the bristles of these eye makeup brushes. The different bristle shapes will produce all sorts of looks, so any professional makeup artist would have a variety of Eye Shadow brushes in their makeup kit. There might be some Eye Shadow brushes that give your eyes a certain unusual look and being familiar with these to achieve these looks can be beneficial.

Another type of eye makeup brush is the highlight brush. This brush is used to highlight the underside of your eyebrows. The typical highlight brush is actually small in size, and a bit round in shape, which makes it perfect for applying highlights on the undersides of your eyebrows. Still, some people prefer to use the ordinary Eye Shadow brush, out of the many eye makeup brushes for this purpose.

These are just some of the many eye makeup brushes available and come in different sizes and price ranges.

Benefits of Using a Makeup Mirror

The makeup mirror comes in many different sizes and is used to apply makeup. benefits of using a makeup mirror to apply your makeup The makeup mirror is just about the most convenient tool for applying makeup.

It doesn't mean you cannot apply makeup without the use of a makeup mirror. In fact, you can apply makeup without using a makeup mirror. Still, using a makeup mirror definitely makes applying makeup a lot easier. The makeup mirror gives you a clear and vivid picture of your face, and avoids mistakes, such as over application or under application.

There are also makeup mirrors that have magnifying capabilities. In fact, some mirrors actually offer up to 12 times magnification for your viewing pleasure. What is so great about these mirrors is the fact that they have been designed to assist people who have vision problems.

One thing you need to remember when using a makeup mirror is proper lighting can help you achieve the right skin or color tone for your appearance. It's strongly recommended that you use natural lighting when applying makeup. This is because you will be going out under natural light after applying makeup.

Important Makeup Removal Tips

Removing makeup every day is a tricky process as you don't want to pull or tug the delicate skin around the eyes nor do you want to cause your skin to dry out by using a harsh cleanser and/or makeup remover. Let's take a look at the important points to keep in mind when removing your makeup each night.

First of all, baby shampoo is an excellent way to remove mascara that is resistant to other kinds of removers. Waterproof mascara can be one of the most difficult mascaras to remove, as it's designed for staying power and a little bit of baby shampoo applied to a cotton ball or your finger tips should do the trick nicely. Baby shampoos contain lower concentrations and softer detergents than other shampoos which makes them less irritating to the eye area. Baby shampoo can also be used to remove makeup on the face but use a very small amount as too much can be drying to the skin. Another option for the removal of waterproof mascara is extra- virgin olive oil. Olive oil is very gentle to the skin and ideal to use in the eye area as it is a natural anti-oxidant and does not contain any harmful substances. All you need to do is apply a few drops to your fingertips, a tissue or a cotton ball, and while keeping your eyes closed massage the eyelashes in a gentle motion until all traces of the mascara are gone. Then use a mild soap or cleanser and water to clean up further.

The majority of cosmetics are oil-soluble which makes baby oil an excellent way to remove all traces of eye makeup, blush, foundation, and concealer and so on. All that is needed is to apply a tiny bit of baby oil to a tissue and then gently wipe it all over your face until the makeup is all gone. After you finish there is no need to use soap of any kind, simply rinse your face with cool water and your skin should feel soft to the touch.

This tip is one that can never be stressed enough - never ever go to bed with your makeup still on! Not only will you stain your pillowcase, but you will also be contributing to clogging your pores that can lead to acne, breakouts, splotching and a host of other potential skin problems. No matter how tired you are, take the time to remove the day's makeup and grime off of your face and let it breath and regenerate while you sleep!

Another important tip is always use a mild makeup remover - nothing harsh or drying to the skin and never use makeup remover that is specifically for your eyes on other parts of your face. This is particularly important if you suffer from oily skin as this can lead to break outs. Pay attention to what the labelsays as it specifies these things for a reason!

The last tip is to not remove your eye makeup with any kind of cleanser. Keep in mind that the eye area is very sensitive and delicate and you don't want to injure it in any way or cause an allergic reaction to take place. Also some people are prone to oily eyelids and you don't want to encourage an overabundance of oil in this area. If oily eyelids are not a problem you might consider using petroleum jelly (such as Vaseline) to take off your eye makeup but remember to be gentle! Use a tissue or cotton ball to take off your eyeshade and a Q-tip to get rid of the eyeliner.

It's best to always start by removing your eye makeup first. Always choose a facial cleanser that is meant for your particular skin type and if possible purchase one that has been tested to both breakdown and remove makeup from the face. All cleansers are not designed for this purpose and some soap as well does not thoroughly remove makeup from the face. Go over your face gently more than once but be as precise as possible. Do the same thing when you rinse, rinse a number of times to remove all traces of both cosmetic and cleanser residue.

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