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Underwent is a past tense verb that means to have experienced or undergone a particular process or procedure. This word is often used to describe medical procedures or treatments that a person has undergone.

Below are some examples of how the word underwent can be used in text:

* Sally underwent surgery to remove a tumor from her brain.
* After months of chemotherapy, Peter underwent a bone marrow transplant.
* The building underwent a major renovation, which included adding a new wing and upgrading the HVAC system.
* The athlete underwent rigorous training to prepare for the upcoming competition.
* The company underwent a restructuring process, resulting in several layoffs and departmental changes.

As you can see from above examples, the word underwent is often used in the context of significant changes or transformations. It can refer to physical, medical, or organizational changes that a person or thing has experienced. Overall, the word underwent is a useful term for describing a past process or procedure that has resulted in a significant change.

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