"David Green" an Internet Entrepreneur has owned this common first/last name dot-com domain since year 2001. Keep in mind, first-name last-name domains are always in demand but there's little public sales data available as such sales may be under NDA's.

Valuations may be based on how commonplace a persons name is, with common names at higher prices. For example, another common first name/last name DavidJones.com registered in 2000 seems to have sold in year 2017 for as much as the buy-now price of $188,000 at time of domain sale. It is also reported RandPaul.com domain sold in 2015 for $100,980. Some other more or less random "personal name domains" which recently sold for substantial sums of money are domains such as AndyBass.com, WillDean.com, StewartFord.com and CraigPatrick.com

David and DavidGreen.com has been involved in misc projects like Money Matters, How to Trade Futures, How to Trade Stocks, How to Trade Options, Best Ways to Make Money online, How to Make Money Trading the Financial Markets, Day-trading, Forex trading, Futures trading, Trading Systems, Market Quotes, Websites & Domains, helping traders trade,The-Web, Extensive Website Development, Domain Name monetization, all aspects of Investing and Trading and health wellness and disease and more...

DavidGreen.com is now available and for-sale due to owner's planned retirement.

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