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Info-Guide to "Profitable Trading and
How to Save Money Along the Way" - Part-2

Question: What does it look like? How big is it? Are performance reports of the best trading systems from the well-known Futures Truth system testing company included?

Answer: Each issue consists of many densely typed articles, jam-packed with information. The newsletter format is in double columns. Our recent issues have been 24, 32 and as many as 48-pages long, packed with learning, wisdom and knowledge, consisting of many great articles and contributions, plus a number of Member Requests, Editor Notes and Comments.

Comments: Over the years we have constantly made it larger to make room for an ever increasing amount of knowledge, to help you make or save money. We started out with 8-pages per month in 1993. In 1994, 10 to 12-pages per month. 1995 started at 14-pages per month. Over the past two years we have been publishing 24-32-pages to as many as 48-pages. Currently, we only send out issues via ezines every 10-days to your email address with lots of great trading articles and trading product information. We no longer send out printed issues of CTCN.

Many of our past issues contained the Futures Truth Top-10 Reports. However, as a result of members usually experiencing vastly inferior results compared to the data coming from them, we have decided to discontinue publishing their rankings as of June 1996, as we no longer feel they are of benefit to our members. In fact, CTCN reprinting the Futures Truth Top-10 Reports is in all likelihood a disservice to some of our members who end up losing money by buying a trading system based on their Top-10 Reports.

Question: Do you also make available other knowledge, such as more detailed reports on specific products, services or subjects?

Answer: From time-to-time, we publish in-depth Special Reports on subjects of popular interest. For example, we have done Special Reports on Neural Nets, Omega's SuperCharts, Gann, Joe Ross, Elliott Wave, Futures Truth, several popular trading systems, methodologies and products. They give you extensive knowledge on specific subjects, so you can make the right decisions on their use or purchase.

Question: Some other newsletters I have subscribed to were mailed out folded and not very professional looking. One newsletter (similar subjects and content to CTCN), also had small and difficult to read type, on eye-irritating green paper. Does CTCN look and read better? How do I maintain it so I can keep each issue organized? How are the back-issues sent?

Answer: When you become a member, you will get a quality hardcover 3-ring binder to insert future issues, so you can save them neatly for reference. Also, we use a 10-point font size on off-white paper so it's easy-to-read. In addition, all issues are in booklet format and 3-hole pre-punched for easy insertion into our free 3-ring binder. All issues and back-issues are mailed out using large envelopes. Thus, it's not necessary for the pages to be folded and they are flat (not creased) in your binder, and subsequently easy-to-read and look good. You can printout the ezines and put into binder for future reference also.

Question: Do you publish all contributions and are you ever biased?

Answer: CTCN is an open forum for the free exchange of information, so all can benefit. We have never prohibited an article or a contribution from a particular author because we do not like him or his viewpoint. We openly invite both sides of the story to be heard, so members can decide which side they favor. There are usually two sides to every story. We have not and do not censor articles or authors. However, there is one exception, for your benefit. We do not allow any so-called "vendors in disguise."

Question: What exactly does the term "vendor in disguise" mean?

Answer: Several years ago, in a competing newsletter (similar to CTCN), a disguised would-be vendor started writing many long "articles." They were written as a purported private trader and praised his self-proclaimed money-making method.

He wrote a series of articles about his system and "great" trading record. After writing all those ulterior motive disguised "articles," in which he made it sound like his system was highly profitable, he suddenly announced he was a vendor, all to willing to sell his system to the anxious readers (hundreds of which he did!)

Comment: His highly touted and self-proclaimed "grand" system allegedly turned-out to be basically worthless and most buyers lost money with it. That was in spite of broker statements showing a half-million dollars the author claimed he made trading it. By the way, he admittedly deviated from his own system. Consequently, his brokerage statements, which he used as his main sales tool, did not mean much. However, that's another story, which has been discussed in our back-issues. We do not want that potential scenario to occur involving our members. Absolutely no "vendors in disguise" are allowed. In fact, we have already rejected "disguised" articles from vendors, attempting to write as private traders.

Question: How much does it cost? What other benefits are included?

Answer: Our regular price is a bargain compared to all the knowledge you will receive. Memberships are now being offered at special low rates, for new members only via our webtrading Website. That's good news because you will pay considerably less than our regular price of $100 per year. Later in this Webtrading Info-Guide, are details on the limited-time special offer available to you. Your main member benefit will be all the knowledge you obtain. Also, there are many other benefits for you.

Comment: One nice benefit is being able to contact the editor (via e-mail or Fax) for consultation. You're also invited to make contributions, or ask members about specific products, services or individuals you are interested in. You may also join our (optional) Knowledge Groups for person-to-person direct interaction. Another benefit is our back-issues. You will get lots of knowledge by reading all our back-issues, which are available at low cost. Visit our back-issue subject list.

Question: Do most club members actively participate? Is there any obligation to make contributions? Also, am I missing anything if I chose not to make submissions?

Answer: The majority of members do not actively participate, as they don't want to take the time or perhaps do not have the time required. Another reason some members are not active contributors, is they believe (usually incorrectly) they do not have things of value to contribute. Your activity in our club is entirely voluntary.

Comment: Some members prefer to get all the benefits without actual participation, and that's your decision and option. They want to hear all about the many subjects covered so they will either trade better, make money or save money. They want to enhance their knowledge by reading, rather than their participation, and that's OK.

Question: If I decide to actively participate by submitting articles, will I get paid for them? Are there other benefits from submitting articles/contributions?

Answer: You will not be paid directly. However, you'll receive compensation by having your membership cost reduced 50% the next year. By making voluntary contributions, you can be satisfied in knowing you've shared your knowledge or insight and helped your fellow traders. In addition, you will get satisfaction and recognition (if you want it) by having your name in print and distributed worldwide. We have many well-known trading experts as members, who will also read your comments.

Comment: In other words, by submitting a yearly article on any trading related subject, you pay only one-half the following year, and subsequently save 50% off our regular membership cost. Of course, you are invited to make additional contributions, although you're compensated for only one during any 12-month period.

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