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  . . . Your Guide to Profitable Commodity Trading and How To Both Make and Save Money Along the Way" for futures, equities and stock market trading club members sharing our knowledge & information on both commodity futures and equities markets, trading systems, commodity markets, stocks, options, investing, trading software, commodity systems, investment newsletters, tradestation, "day trading systems," commodity brokers, stock market, technical analysis approaches. Our main emphasis over the years has been commodities trading and commodity futures markets. However, many subjects discussed within CTCN are applicable to all trading & investment markets.  For more information in our CTCN Traders News.

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For those of you who actively trade (or desire to learn how to trade) the financial and futures markets, there are a lot of other things outside the markets you should be following. But, I guess my bigger message is for those of you that aren’t in the futures markets, whether you trade them or not, the futures markets have a significant impact on what happens in the other financial markets, including forex, currencies, options and stocks. That’s why you should soak up every piece of good trading knowledge like a sponge in a quest to clearly see the bigger picture. Click-below for a free ezine service to trading knowledge. Get started learning in the comfort of your home, on your schedule, at no cost today . . .

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You may access many of our back-issues FREE and also get a listing of all back-issue trader articles & headlines which have been published by Commodity Traders Club News (CTCN) can use them to become a successful trader, and help you get and stay on the long and winding road to profitable trading or help you avoid wasting your precious trading capital and losing your money!

We answer questions from traders around the world, posts tips, share trading ideas, and post online market analysis videos! Blog posts will include, but are not limited to information on equities, futures, commodities, foreign exchange, money management, protective stops, technical analysis, fundamental analysis, free trading lesson, SIVs, etc.

Club back-issues are available. The current print or online issue is for paid members only. You also can benefit greatly by being a paid member of Commodity Traders Club and getting our knowledge-packed issues mailed to you by first-class mail as soon as they are printed. Plus, receive many other benefits of membership to help you get on the road to profitable trading of commodities futures and other financial markets, including stocks and the forex market.

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club 3000 membership trading group

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