Today is a good time to get personal hands-on level assistance with your trading questions and issues provided by a trader expert from personal consultation

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Now you can get expert advice about the trading related subject, technical analysis methods, trading systems, methodologies, trading words or trading terms you are looking for. You can ask us about any trading related subjects and trading issues of interest to you. We cover all aspects of trading the markets and commodities, futures markets, stocks and the stock market, options and forex currency trading with help and advice you need.

Personal consultation can be real significant in helping you trade the financial markets successfully via expert advice on your issues and trading concerns. We can talk about your trading plans, trading methods and discuss your overall goals, and explore what's likely causing you less success than you expected to achieve and your issues to assist us with our analysis and give a more personal level of trader consulting. Please note, we do not give specific trade signals.

Our ongoing three-decade long mission for over 30 years is to learn about trading the markets successfully, seeking regular profits and reduced risk of loss and account drawdowns. We are dedicated to help all traders (new traders or experienced) get on that very long & winding road to trading success by providing knowledge and insight about all aspects of trading and day-trading commodity futures, forex, options and stocks.

This is the place to get help on trading or learning how to trade the financial markets for profit, how to reduce account drawdown and losses, when to take profits, best stop-loss methodology, trade executions, good entry points, time cycles, gann angles and gann trading techniques, how to determine a change in trend, daytrading secrets, and using drawdown minimizer logic for successful and reduced risk trading. You can ask us short or long questions about any trading subject of interest, or about specific markets; i.e. corn, soybeans, gold, crude oil, forex, emini s&p, the dow jones average, gann angles, treasury notes, ultra tbonds, daytrading, stocks and more.

Trader personal consultation fee is only $99 for an in-depth 30-minute consultation by phone. We are now including (as a limited-time special bonus) 15-days of free email or text message consultation! Your consulting will be from a trader with more than 30-years experience involving the financial markets. Powerful research tools are also available to us. If you have questions before ordering call this 800-number Mon thru Fri from 10-AM to 4-PM MST. After paying we will contact you to setup a convenient date and time for your consultation.

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