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Swing Catcher Trading System Profile

This online-brochure mostly relates to our original Swing Catcher Trading System, which has been sold-out for a number of years. We are in the process of re-programming it and adding many new and exciting features to make it work even better for our trader clients! Please remember at this time this descriptive brochure of Swing Catcher (and its money-making profit potential) is referring to the long sold-out version of the trading system. The New Swing Catcher-2 will be similar in many ways to the classic system, but even more powerful, much more automated, improved data source & effortless data handling, overall ease-of-use, and of course good profit potential! P.S. Please read our Risk Disclosures so you understand there is always a risk of loss trading commodities futures.

- The original Swing Catcher Trading System utilized unique and fresh methods and amazing proprietary technique for reducing drawdown and other priceless rules that can greatly increase your chance to make profits on your trades!

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Some of the rules I refer to as Swing Highs & Swing Lows, have been used by the most successful traders for many years, yet very few commodities futures traders are aware of that powerful but relatively simple and basic futures markets trading technique. Large Traders, Mega-Buck Speculators and Powerful Floor Traders use these superb techniques routinely in their trading to sharply increase their odds of success. Click now for the Gann Trading Course Sale!

A reason very few public traders know about this is because these highly successful traders keep it secret. In addition, another method routinely used by these same traders, we refer to as "Drawdown Minimizer Logic." You can receive the benefit of trading with both "Drawdown minimizer Logic" and "Swing High/Low" methodology by acquiring the Swing Catcher System. The only System needed for potential Trading Success! We will be accepting pre-reservations for the soon to be released New Swing Catcher-2 System.

To trade better with comparatively lower potential risk involved, the Swing Catcher Trading System offers you major risk reduction techniques, including Unique Trend-Ranking, that allows both the System and you to trade better by correctly isolating the best markets to actually trade. The System has recorded excellent trading records in many financial markets. By getting it NOW, you may soon potentially start making money by trading the correct markets, selected from a diversified market portfolio, with reduced risk!

commodities stock market traders softwareAt varying times over the years, SWING CATCHER was rated #-1 out of some 130 systems tested by Futures Truth Ltd., an independent system evaluation firm located in Hendersonville, NC. Also, Futures Magazine asked its readers to rate 60 Technical Analysis Software Programs, no other trading system had a higher score, based on a survey of users.

Swing Catcher had the highest score-Swing Catcher also received a major impartial positive review by the Asst. Editor of Futures Magazine who summarized his detailed review by saying the program is well-written and appears quite profitable." In addition, they also report our pattern recognition claim is substantial,' and they report very high profit/drawdown ratios in back-testing and real-time trading.

The Major Benefits of this Profitable Conservative Trading Software are as follows:

  • Pre-Customized Trading Modes: Conservative Mode for consistent profits with lower risk and low drawdowns, or Aggressive Mode for great profit potential but higher risk.
  • Built-in Trend Ranking Profit Potential Manager ranks the highest profit potential markets ... so you can make money with lower risk by trading well-performing markets.
  • Built-in Portfolio Manager gives guidelines on number of Markets you should be trading, based on your own account size or capital ... that way you will be using good money management to reduce your risk, plus trade better due to diversification.
  • Fully mechanical trading signals... so that your signals are more accurate with less work involved and you don't have to do any guessing or have to use subjectivity.
  • Profit Grabber lets you take your profits by using pre-established accurate targets
  • Reduction of your risk with precision stops based on Drawdown Minimizer Logic
  • Diversify risk & trade any market from 35 Commodity Portfolio
  • You can select Trade Durations, either long-term or short-term
  • Easy self-customization according to your risk requirement and trading account size
  • 54 Patterns automatically analyzed using top-rated CSI Data
  • Save time and money by not needing to acquire new data due to contract roll overs, with built-in Automatic Continulink Contractor Program
  • Get visual perspective of trend & view actual signals depicted by arrows on screen or printer, with built-in Bar-Charting Capability
  • Large Helpful Manual, with Learning Lessons & Screen Pictures
  • Ideal for Small or Large Traders - New or Experienced Traders
  • Gigantic & accurate Historical 35 Commodity Continuous CSI Format Data Base FREE, by ordering NOW ... $899.00 value. Data Base consists of one large continuous file per market, some data files go all the way back to 1968 ... about 700-years of daily market data!
  • To start trading with comparatively reduced-risk potential you should order Swing Catcher as soon as the new version is ready!

New Level of Software Program Trading System which will be your Best Source for Potential Commodities Futures Trading Success!

Swing Catcher CE - Commodity Edition to trade 10 major commodity market contracts: Eurodollar, eMini S&P 500 index, eMini Nasdaq index, Crude oil, 10 year treasury notes, Gold, Soybeans, Corn, Japanese Yen, Live Cattle

Swing Catcher SE - Stock Edition to trade S&P 500, S&P 400, S&P 600, DJIA, NASDAQ 100 (1630 stocks)

Swing Catcher FX - Forex Edition will trade AUDUSD, GBPUSD, USDCAD, USDCHF, NZDUSD, USDMEX, EURUSD, USDJPY, ETC. (19 currency pairs)

Swing Catcher MF - Mutual Fund Edition

Swing Catcher IDX - Stock Indices Edition - DJIA, NYSE, NASDAQ 100, S&P 500, S&P 100, Diamonds, etc.

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