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The Commodity Futures Knowledge Network®

Special Reports List

1. Money-making Potential Swing-High & Swing-Low Trading Technique

2. How Drawdown Minimizer Logic Can Reduce Drawdowns and Risk

3. Neural Networks in Commodity Futures Analysis

4. Omega Research's SuperCharts

5. W. D. Gann - Medieval Sorcerer or Wall Street Einstein

6. Truth about Trading Systems (and some major reasons most traders end-up losing)

7. Elliott Wave & Charts

8. Natures Pulse

9. "Futures Truth Ltd.:" Allegations About & The "Truth" About them. (Note: This Report is not yet on-line but soon will be)

10. Joe Ross Report

11. Comprehensive List of Trading Books

12. Japanese Yen Report

13. A Painless Bi-Weekly Method To Cut Your Mortgage by an Incredible Amount to Save You $100,000 or more!

14. CTCN Trade Record Keeper Using "Quicken"

15. How to Get a Patent Quickly & Easily

16. How to Become a Government Hud Tracer

17. Complete Guide to Lowering Your Mortgage

18. How to Turn Your Spare Time Into Cash

19. How to Get Any Job You Want

20. Quick & Easy Ways To Make Money at Home

21. How to Become a Mystery Shopper

22. How to Save Big $$ in Real Estate Taxes

23. How to Make Money With Your Personal Computer

24. How to Self-Publish Your Own Book

25. How to Stop Smoking Forever

26. How to Make Big Money Buying & Selling Real Estate

27. How to Beat Any Speeding Ticket

28. How to Make A Living as a Musician

29. How to Help Your Child with their Homework

30. Growing Up Drug Free

Reports are $5.00/each

Print this form using the print function of your browser and mail or fax it back to us at:

       MAIL TO:
      Webtrading - CTCN
      3655 W Anthem Way #A109-242
      Phoenix AZ USA 8508

      FAX TO:  623-551-5094