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amazing trader of all time

Gann's forecasts of price movements and his ability to multiply money was mind-boggling, not only for traders of that era but by any standard of today. For example, he would predict that a stock that was trading at 145 would go to 164-7/8 but not to 165, and it would do exactly that.

There have been many articles written about W.D. Gann and his amazing trading techniques in the stock and commodity markets. Some of the best articles were written about his techniques and successes while he was alive. The articles were written by journalists who witnessed WD Gann in action.

One article which appeared in "The Ticker and Investment Digest" in December 1909 can likely be credited with bringing W.D. Gann's amazing successes to the attention of traders world wide. It is extremely interesting reading from an eye witness to W.D. Gann's trading techniques and abilities.

There are many articles on W.D. Gann which we will be adding to the list below in the near future.

Available Articles:

  1. Ticker and Investment Digest - 1909 article detailing the amazing trading techniques of Mr. Gann
  2. The Morning Telegraph - A 1922 article on Mr. Gann
  3. The Remarkable W.D. Gann - A short biography of W.D. Gann by his grandson, John L. Gann Jr.

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