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Learn to Trade Futures Markets for Regular Profits

The mission of Zeed.org is to provide free information and knowledge for success starting today about Zen Easy Entry Day trading ZEED trade system trading commodity futures markets stocks and commodities . . . Every trading day brings new opportunities for commodity futures traders and stock-market traders to trade financial markets successfully. ZEED is the acronym for Zen Easy Entry Day trading system! Why Zen? With Zen principles and The-Art-of-War you may increase your wealth and get financial independence, perhaps even trading successfully for a living - based on simplicity! Thus leading to Easy Entry Day trades and financial success thanks to ZEED organization!

At ZEED and Traders Organizations' we listen and respond to your desires for effective and profitable but simple ways to trade the financial markets, commodities, options and stocks profitably! We are experts at translating those needs into trading solutions that can possibly "work" with comparatively reasonable account equity drawdowns, and excellent overall trading profit potential!

The Reason to Trade Commodities is to Make Money

Human emotions can be real subtle. Before you know it, it has you surrounded, and you're stagnated, and don't know what to do. What happens then? Invariably, people start looking elsewhere for the answer. Maybe a better system, or indicator. If they do have some inkling that they are the problem, then they're sitting in the middle of the room, chanting, with incense and candles burning.

How many of you have had on a trade that went against you, so you said when it came back to the entry, you'd take it off. If it did make it back to the entry, your first thought was I bet this is the one, only to have it return to where it previously was. So you say, next time it makes it back to my opening price, I'm done. Then it goes down more, so you say, well, when it gets back to the 2nd price, then I'll take it off.

The next morning you wake up to find your position continually moving against you. Each time saying that as soon as it retraces, you'll get out. Sooner or later, the pain becomes unbearable and you finally do what you should have done all along. Get out of the trade and move on to another.

At this point, you've probably lost 1000ss on a trade that should've only cost you hundreds. Maybe you blame the system, advisory service, or if your honest with yourself, you just realize that you've learned your fist lesson. Take losses when it hits your loss parameter, and if you don't have a loss parameter, you'd better get one before you trade again.

Most business owners spent considerable time, and money into research to make sure that their product is marketable. They know who the consumer is, how they spend their time, average income, job type, age, etc. Yet, once you bring up futures markets, people will through money in, on a whim. They read a book, take a course, talk to someone they don't know from Adam, and all of the sudden, they're throwing thousands of dollars at something, they really know little about. It's amazing, but it's true.

Society has made great strides in technology. We can send or retrieve information at the push of a button. We go to buy a car, and we're armed with facts. We know what we want, what kind of track record it has, and what we should be paying for it. When we walk out of this transaction, more often than not, we've paid more than we originally planned to. Do you know why? It's on account of what we thought the car could do for us. Let’s face it, we're looking at transportation from point A to B and back, nothing more. I look good in this one. I just have to have it. When people see me in this, they'll know I'm living large. Let me ask, and this may seem a little unfeeling, but the majority of people can't see past their own noses. On account of this, they don't care what you drive, not really. So why do you think this new toy is going to make a difference?

The truth is, you're either OK with who you are, or you aren't. If you are, invariably you'll be a much better financial markets trader. Most traders have the following image when they think of futures trading, Armani suits, a Porsche, living life on the edge, and making huge financial decisions on a whim. This is way of base. If you're a profitable trader, you're doing the same boring thing day in and day out. No deviations, no fly by the seat of your pants. Same stuff, new trading day.

The only reason to trade is to try to make profits and money. That’s it. There’s no other reason.

If you want to impress people with how right you are, go on a TV game show, trading-the-markets is not a good place for that. In the financial trading markets, you can be right, or you can make money, but you can't always do both trade scenarios at the same time.

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