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Get It Now! After all, like they say, "Success isn't a destination, it's a journey. I LOVE the journey! Thanks for being such a GREAT pilot on this ride!" -- Learning Option One is our Low-Cost Easy Learning Commodities Educational Knowledge Package and Includes:

Hands-On Instructions in CTCN's own enhanced and modified (for possibly even better potential performance, six (6) VHS Video Tapes containing approx 12-hours of instructions by Commodity Traders Club News and Dave Green - "Classroom" type instruction, lecture and discussion, with both LIVE ACTUAL real-time and real-time hypothetical theatrical trading, both using real-time data and real-time intra-day charts. You will watch as Real Secrets Revealed Secrets thought processes are detailed and see Dave pick up the phone and place a few actual real-time trades for his own personal account.

You should come away from viewing these videos with a clear understanding of the methodology and how to apply it. By going through the tapes and studying the materials you will should be able to learn methods to trade profitably, how to interpret market behavior, and how to react to different market scenarios. This knowledge will stay with you long after you have forgotten where you learned it.

These Great In-Depth Hands-On Videos show some actual trading being performed LIVE! Real-time explanations of trades taken, reasoning behind them and YOU can see the trade UNFOLD, all the time listening to comments and thought process as we think out loud about the trade and how to manage it. These tapes contain BOTH winning trades and losing trades and show in some of the taped trades how the methodology holds up in REAL-TIME.

Easily understandable spiral-bound trading manual explaining the entire classic methodology and trading approach. We provide specific rules for entry and trade management, to make trading comfortable.

Personal e-mail address of Traders Organization - Dave Green - for easy access when you have questions, day or night, for six-months. Dave is not yet a registered (CTA) Commodity Trading Advisor and therefore he can not give specific real-time trading advice. Email him at anytime to discuss most any subject, including this Real Success Methodology, CTCN, our Trading Manual, things not completely clear to you, and the video tapes.

Technical support for the software direct from Commodity Traders Club. You may contact us at anytime for up to six-months, whenever you want support or assistance with this trading method or have trading software questions.

Free e-mail consultation for six-months with Editor Dave Green on most any subject and all aspects of the many trading related subjects discussed in Commodity Futures Trading Club.

Simple Non-Curve Fitted, No-Nonsense, No-Hype approach that will last you a lifetime.

Relatively easy-to-learn . . . you probably will have it mastered in a fairly short time (but this can not be assured).

Very Teachable . . . easy to teach you.

Optional Low-Cost Software is also ready for shipment to you. It's for use with Omega tradestation. It clearly shows all potential signals (opportunities), with colored dots drawn on your PC screen representing the buy/sell opportunity bars, and colored horizontal support and resistance lines. Note: This optional software is not a stand-alone Mechanical Trading System Program but is a Toolbox type of program, which may be used in conjunction with our Real Success method or even other varied trading methods to analyze the markets.

This complete trading package geared toward your potential future success is only $877. This is a great buy at a reasonably low cost to Get You On the Road To Profitable Trading!

Please remember . . . there is a high risk of loss in commodity futures trading and only risk capital should be used. Past results may be difficult to achieve in the future and also may be based on hypothetical trading, with benefit of hindsight, and not actual trades. Please keep in mind, profitable trading can not be and is not guaranteed.

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