The Mission of UltraTBond a trading division of Webtrading Traders Portal is to help traders make profits by providing Ultra TBond Futures traders with knowledge for successfully trading the relatively new and popular ultra t-bonds markets, long-bonds, FX forex and foreign exchange markets, stocks and stock indices markets for profit. Ultra T-Bonds are rapidly growing commodities futures market gaining popularity with financial market traders worldwide. "Ultra TBonds" trading was ranked in the top-10 most active Futures Markets. As far as other Bond markets go 30-Year Treasury Bonds tend to trade with price action mimicking or similar short and long-term trends and price fluctuations comparable to Ultra T-Bonds.

Ultra TBond futures and Ultra T-Bond options provide futures market traders, hedgers and other market participants with a more direct way to trade, hedge or invest in popular treasury bond interest rate futures markets. Ultra TBonds are reported to be the fastest growth interest rate futures contracts ever introduced by any commodity exchange.

A significant feature which is diverse from the existing U.S. Treasury Bond futures contracts are smaller date-range of deliverable bonds, with Ultra Treasury-Bond futures consisting of a longer range to maturity vs other treasury-bond futures contracts of shorter duration maturities.

The commodity exchange specs for Ultra T-Bond futures are quite similar to well established older treasury-bond contracts. They are the same in terms of value, tick size, contract dates and similar broker margin requirements with substantial Ultra T-Bond notional-value. Price trends, market action and chart patterns are related to other interest-rate futures. However, there are differences in price behavior which bring spread-trading profit opportunities.

The trading term known as "notional value" is often used in the futures, options and foreign currency markets because a very small amount of invested money can easily control a very large open position and thus have significant possible profit and loss potential for position traders, day-trading. hedging and all market participants.

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We Can Offer You a Powerful Futures Trading System Based on Unique Sound Trading Principles for Profitable Ultra Treasury Bond Trading Success!

Our new trading system uses unique and sound trading techniques which can help you make money trading the popular Ultra T-Bond in the commodity futures markets. Our futures trading system is surprisingly simple but at the same time very powerful. It's by far the best trading method we have ever developed to identify market direction, working hard to signal valid and good buy or sell signals.

This Swing-High Swing-Low Ultra T-Bond futures trading system is based on the observation a bear market consists of mostly a series of lower-highs whereas a bull market commonly consists of a series of higher lows. which are also known as Pivot-Points.

A higher-swing-low is a low day (or bar) with higher prices (or price bars) both in front and behind the low day (or bar), thus forming a new swing-low. The swing-low must also be above the prior swing-low pivot-point thus forming a higher swing low.

A lower-swing-high is defined as a high day (or bar) with lower prices (or price bars) both in front and behind the high day (or high bar) forming a new swing-high. This new swing-high must also be under the previous swing-high pivot-point thus forming a new lower swing-high.

To start making-money and be a successful futures market ultra-t-bond trader it's also critical to know how, why, when and where to set a good trade target price so you can take profits. Importantly, you also need to know where to place a stop-loss order to protect you if the trade is a negative one. We strongly recommend you always use our unique, time-tested and proprietary Drawdown Minimizer Logic™ for effective loosing trade loss-limitations, when trading any financial market.

When our amazing drawdown-minimizer-logic is applied to Ultra T-Bond futures trading, the 'DML' can sharply reduce large potential trade losses and commodity broker account equity drawdowns based on past back-tested maximum "adverse trade excursion" methodology.

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Selling-the-market to go short after a lower "Swing-High" has occurred, and buying-the-market to go long after occurrence of a higher "Swing-Low" can be quite profitable overall when combined with our other trading system rules.

The concept of buying and selling rule-based swing-lows and swing-highs can be quite successful but is made much better when combined with our DML stop-loss methodology. We highly recommended trading T-Bonds using CTCN's Drawdown Minimizer Logic© method to scientifically establish good stop-loss protection orders.

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