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Today is a good time for trading system developers
(both professional and amateur developers are acceptable) who
possibly may want some fast cash by selling their developed financial
markets trading system or methodology, with source-code & resale rights.

We want to make it easy for you to make some quick cash by selling your financial markets trading system to us. We are looking to buy good trading systems at low-cost with source-code and full resale rights. We are seeking systems to trade (1) commodity futures, (2) forex, (3) stocks and (4) options, which list is based on our preferences with commodities trading being our #1 interest, at this time.

The ideal candidate will be using sound overall trading principles which methodology is not heavily curve-fitted, and have mechanical trade entry, stop-loss and target price rules. In addition, the system will be easy to run and operate, and use one of the popular data formats such as ASCII or CSI Data for example. The ideal system will also be a stand-alone trading system in the sense it does not also require the use of a costly 3rd party trading platform, i.e. Tradestation and others.

Please note, if you have a trading system which is in some way lacking all our wish-list features please contact us anyway with your system information as we may still be interested in it, with the hope of our modifying the system to gain the benefit of the preferred attributes.

Some good news is we do not necessarily require your trading system to have a proven winning track-record, or in-fact even be profitable when back-tested. Of course it would be preferable if it was nicely profitable already (and our offering price would likely be greater too), but that's not currently a requirement.

A reason for our non-mandated profit requirements is that we have time-tested ways to make many otherwise basically sound, concise and mechanical trading systems profitable, which we may try implementing in your system, assuming the system is already based on good trading principles and valid rules.

Please give us a call to discuss your trading system. We believe you will be satisfied with the purchase terms we can agree to, assuming your system is based on sound trading principles and operates to our satisfaction. You can get our toll-free 800 phone number by clicking-here. We would enjoy talking to you and discussing how you may earn some fast cash. We will make the necessary arrangements for payment, documentation, code delivery and resale-rights agreement, without hassle.

A sale of your trading system and source code is a unique internet business opportunity for you!