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Trade Seminars

. . . Trade seminars are very popular for companies to sell their products and services worldwide. There are lots of trade shows in Las Vegas and elsewhere for new products.

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The U.S. Government sponsors and provides added value to a wide variety of trade seminars, trade-shows, online-seminars, events, missions and other trade related activities around the world.

Agricultural Trade Events

Trade missions personalize business relationships by introducing potential trade partners. Outgoing sales seminars shorten the time it takes to learn about another market.

Participants learn first-hand by hearing market briefings, visiting sales channels, and attending one-on-one seminar meetings with qualified buyers. Often interpreters are provided. Buyer missions (also called reverse trade missions) bring foreign buyers into the United States to introduce them to the wide variety and high quality agricultural products available here. Both types of seminars offer the U.S. exporter a great way to make contacts quickly and cost effectively at the seminar.

What are the costs?

Trade Mission participation fees range between $750-2,500 depending on the type of services the companies receive. Missions are usually very focused, have briefings on the country’s economy and agricultural situation and opportunities, site visits to supermarkets and food services, and one-on-one pre-scheduled meetings. In some cases, they are connected with trade shows and companies take booths. Travel, hotel and incidental costs are paid by the travelers.

Export Licensing Seminars

The Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) offers a wide range of export control seminars and workshops -- from complying with U.S. export controls to training sessions for freight forwarders.

View Upcoming Export Licensing Seminars

Seminar Descriptions:

Complying with U.S. Export Controls -- The two-day program is led by BIS's professional counseling staff and provides an in-depth examination of the Export Administration Regulations (EAR).

Intermediate Deemed Export -- This half-day program has been developed for exporters who have basic knowledge of the Export Administration Regulations and have a solid understanding of how to apply the regulations and to classify technology properly. This highly intensive program will integrate practical exercises and presentations about the appropriate sequence of analysis in assessing deemed export licensing requirements.

Essentials of Export Controls -- This is an intensive, one-day program that covers the key information you need to know to comply with the Export Administration Regulations (EAR).

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Technology Controls -- This full-day trade educational program offers a comprehensive look at how to comply with the U.S. export and re-export controls relating to technology, software and encryption.

How To Classify Your Item -- This half-day workshop will provide a detailed look at the step-by-step process for determining the appropriate export control classification number (ECCN) of your item.

How To Develop an Export Management and Compliance Program -- This program provides participants that have a basic knowledge of export controls with information on how to develop an Export Management and Compliance Program (EMCP).

Export Compliance for Forwarders -- These full-day and half-day workshop are ideal for freight forwarders, carriers, and others in the transportation industry who need to learn their responsibilities under the Export Administration Regulations (EAR) and the Foreign Trade Statistics Regulations (FTSR).

Exploring the EARring the EARxploring the EAR -- This half-day program has been specially designed for exporters who have had at least three years of Commerce export licensing experience and would like to further their knowledge and usage of the Export Administration Regulations.

Intermediate License Exceptions -- This program is designed for exporters who have at least one year of Commerce export licensing experience. The program is intended to enhance participants’ understanding of the terms, provisions, applicability and use of all License Exceptions in Part 740 of the Export Administration Regulations.

Services at Trade Shows

Let the U.S. Commercial Service be your executive assistant at your next trade show. We deliver pre-qualified contacts and leads to your booth and can set up appointments for you at trade shows worldwide!

U.S. Pavilions at International Trade Shows

Our U.S. Pavilions put you in the best international trade shows with access to thousands of potential buyers. One-on-one matching at the trade show with potential buyers arranged by our team of market and industry specialists can help you generate sales and long-term business relationships at these high-volume shows.

International Buyer Program

Find new international business partners at U.S. trade shows with the International Buyer Program. The IBP recruits more than 125,000 foreign buyers and distributors to 32 top U.S. trade shows per year. U.S. Commercial Service trade specialists arrange meetings for U.S. exporters and international delegates and provide export counseling at the show's International Business Center.

Trade Leads Home

The US Government has resources world-wide in Embassies and Consulates that help identify promising leads for U.S. exporters.

Trade Leads Database

The Trade Leads Database contains pre-screened, time-sensitive leads and Government Tenders gathered through U.S. Commercial Service offices around the world. You can search leads and receive notification when new leads are posted.

A Registration is Required Search the Trade Leads Database

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