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A Special Report on Swing-Highs and Swing-Lows

Buying Higher-Swing-Lows and Selling Lower-Swing-Highs is an excellent way to identify commodity futures trading market direction and define a bullishly or bearishly structured market. It's based on the observation by looking at a bar-chart of any market (stocks, futures or forex) you will see a bear market consists of mostly a series of lower highs and a bull market consists of mostly a series of higher lows. A swing-low is defined as a low day (or bar) with higher prices both in front and behind the low day (or bar), thus forming a swing-low. This swing-low must also be above the previous swing-low, thus forming a higher swing-low. A swing-high is defined as a high day (or bar) with lower prices both in front and behind the high day (or bar) forming a swing-high. This swing-high must also be under the prior swing-high thus forming a lower swing-high.

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