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Date: Aug 31 1999 00:02:50 EDT
From: "Commodity Traders Club" <ctcn@webtrading.com>
Subject: Latest Trading News from CTCN

Dear Trading Friend,

Finally, CTCN’s Summer Issue is back from the printer and in the mail
tomorrow. It’s one of our best and biggest issues ever, with 40-pages of
trading knowledge for our paid members.

If you are not a paid CTCN member you will need to wait 6-minths before it
appears on our website. This is because only paid club members receive our
latest issue in the mail.

These are just a few of the many great articles:

The Front Page story is from The Institute for Justice as they announce
their amazing court victory in which the CFTC’s latest attempt to carve
out turf from the cyber-world for itself was denied by the Judge. He ruled
First Amendment free speech rights extend to the Internet and Software,
which the CFTC wanted to regulate.

Her are some of the other excellent articles in our current issue: Wisdom,
Right Under our Noses and Far Too Simple, e-Signal Difficulties, Market
Symmetry and Fibonacci Teachings, Secrets of Slippage and More on
Fibonacci, Five Ways to Make Money Trading Spreads, Capturing Intermarket
Trading Opportunities, Various Opinions on Testimonials, CFTC Press
Release re Ken Roberts, et al, an extensive article on System Testing and
How Black Box Systems Rarely Work, Review of Don Fishback’s Products,
There is No Holy Grail but Real Success Spells out a Good Road Map by a
Client, Options & Spreads, The Computer is Your Broker and Electronic
Trading, About Bill Williams Trading Course, Paper Trading vs Real
Trading, More on Real Success Course by a Client, All About Volume & Open
Interest. Plus, other articles, content and Editor Comments.

About the Stock Market, S&P and trading it using Keltner Channels. Our PC
Quote and TradeStation 2000i is finally working well after much effort.
It’s amazing how well CTCN’s Omega TS Compatible Software has been working
of late using its plotted Swing Highs and Swing Lows combined with our
Keltner Channels. 

The Keltner Bands have done an outstanding job of identifying both the
recent uptrends and downtrends. The visual perception of the prevailing
trends is easy to see when the price bars are plotted within the Keltner
Bands plot. The secret to success and using small stops is to wait for a
Keltner Retracement against the prevailing trend before market entry.
Recently its been working real well. 


Dave Green

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