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Date: Aug 19 1999 22:07:38 EDT
From: "Commodity Traders Club" <ctcn@webtrading.com>
Subject: Latest CTCN News & Answer to Questions "best" way to learn how to trade?

Dear Friend,

CTCNís Summer Issue is finished and finally at the Printer! It's one of
our largest issues ever jam-packed with 42-pages of trading knowledge. All
our paid Club Members should get it via first-class mail next week. 

In our last issue of CTCN we mentioned the plan to do electronic
distribution via the Internet and/or E-Mail starting with the next issue.
We asked everyone to let us know if this was OK and also give their e-mail
address. Unfortunately, the majority failed to reply or contact us. 

Therefore, we are sending the print CTCN via the mail as in the past.
Perhaps with our next issue we can do a combination of electronic and
postal mail distribution, assuming we can get most of our paid members to
respond with their acknowledgement and e-mail addresses..

Things are progressing well with our Real-Time Commodity Daytrading
Training via e-mail and our new Traders Webcam. We are now accepting
advanced reservations and clients for training. Our live Webcam is not
quite ready but will be operational soon. 

Our Omega TradeStation 2000i and PC Quote Data Feed are finally working
well after some very lengthy and difficult times getting them up and
running. There is still a concern with an ongoing problem with our ISP
telephone connection suddenly disconnecting during the trading day for no
apparent reason. After a disconnect itís hard to reconnect the Omega
HyperFeed unless the computer is rebooted. 

The connection dropping is much more a problem when connected at 56K. Itís
a much less frequent occurrence when connected at 28K. It may be
attributable to the telephone company lines and so called ďnoiseĒ on the
line. However, no one seems to know for sure what causes it or how to
correct it. PC Quote and Omega are working on this problem as they have
received numerous report of the connection disconnecting from all parts of
the country, especially with 56K Lines. 

The solution seems to be to connect at 28K rather than 56K. Since we
started connecting at 28K we noticed the connection rarely disconnects
anymore. We have also noticed no noticeable difference in the speed of the
quotes received. 

Perhaps it makes no difference at all. No one seems to know the answer for
sure. The ISPís have both 28K and 56K Lines. To avoid this problem ask
your Internet Service Provider what his 28K phone number is and use it in
place of the 56K number, at least for now until the problem can be solved.

After a long down-time due to a problem caused by our Server we are happy
to report our CTCN Trading Knowledge Search Engine is up and running well.
In fact, itís actually better than ever since itís been upgraded and even
more powerful.

We get many questions from both our paid club members and the free
participants of this ListBot e-mail communications opt-in list about the
ďbestĒ way to learn how to trade successfully, and at low cost. 

Probably the best answer is to use our free Search Engine extensively. You
may do free research on most any trading related subject. Trading
concepts, methods, systems, techniques, product names, company vendor
names, individuals, technical analysis terms, etc., etc. 

For example, try searches using words like stochastics, keltner,
curve-fitting, moving averages, cycles, elliott wave, Gann, daytrading,
stock market, Omega, tradestation, real time data, internet data, etc. Or
even questions like ďhow to daytrade successfully, the best software
programs, how to use Fibonacci, etc. Or trading product vendors names,
like Jake Bernstein, Ken Roberts, Robert Miner, etc.

Our Knowledge Base contains thousands of pages of content, including 47
CTCN Back-Issues, archives, Special Reports and other content. Itís all
automatically retrieved by our Search Engine in a few seconds and ranked
by Relevancy or other criteria you may select. It uses the same software
used by the excellent InfoSeek/Go Search Engine company. 

We purchased it from InfoSeek at considerable cost for your free use,
24-hrs per day. It's at https://www.webtrading.com/searchengine.htm  
It can also be accessed from the link on our home page

If you are not a member of Commodity Traders Club News we urge you to join
our club NOW. This way you will get our latest issue via first-class mail
next week rather than waiting 6-months for it to appear on our website at
https://www.webtrading.com/backish.htm where the available back-issues can
be accessed.

For lots of free daytrading knowledge, which concentrates on S&P market
daytrading please visit our sister website at https://www.traders.org 

Also, click-here https://www.traders.org/training.htm  for more details on
our Commodity Daytrading Personal Training services. 


Dave Green

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