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Date: Jul 26 1999 23:35:37 EDT
From: "Commodity Traders Club" <ctcn@webtrading.com>
Subject: Latest News from CTCN & Ongoing Saga of Computer Problems

Dear Friend,

In our last e-mail I said our computers were finally working well after
about a month of down-time for both our main computer and primary backup
machine. Well guess what, it was very short-lived!

Once again problems set in late last week. First our backup machine again
had problems when its HP Scanjet 5P failed and several MS Windows dll
system files somehow were lost or corrupted. Numerous calls to both
Gateway and Hewlett Packard again met with incredibly poor tech support
from both of these firms.

Then our main Pentium 111 new Dell System had lots of problems, including
a non-working Modem and odd electrical arcing type sounds upon boot-up.
For a change we received good tech support from a Dell Technician and as
of late today it's now working well!

Oh, I almost forgot, our real-time PC Quote Internet Hyperfeed went down
late morning Friday and was down the rest of the day. We do not know if it
was working today (Monday) as the PC itself was down all day today.
Unfortunately, our PC Quote has had numerous times of data interruptions
and no connections or lost connections, sometimes lasting a few minutes
and sometimes hours (or even days) ever since we first started using then
in May.

In case your thinking perhaps our computers have a virus, this is
impossible. As far as we know, you can only get a Virus from downloading
and opening an infected file, running an infected floppy disk or opening
an infected file attached to an e-mail. We also have a top-rated
Anti-Virus Program running at all times. We practice “Safe Computing” and
have for years. Never doing anything which could possibly put a Virus on
our Computers. 

We never open Attached Files, even from so-called “trustworthy parties” or
people we know, as they may have a virus in their computer, which they are
not aware of and can unknowingly transmit it. For example, a Trading
System Vendor “Tools For Traders”, Grants Pass, Oregon recently sent us an
e-mail asking about the status on adding a link to their website from our
Links Page https://www.webtrading.com/sites.htm  which e-mail of theirs
contained a very dangerous and well-known Attached File Virus. 

When we asked them about it, they said they did not know how it got in the
e-mail or on their computer, but did say they think they did in fact
somehow get a virus in the past, which somehow was transmitted to CTCN.
Our Anti-Virus Program spotted the Attached File E-Mail right away, even
without us opening it, which we would not have opened anyway. Nevertheless
you should be cautious when dealing with Tools For Traders, especially
involving accepting any e-mail attached files from them.

As we do, you too, should rigidly adhere to the Safe Computing principles
referred to above to avoid loss of your valuable data on your Hard Disk
and the possibility of you unwillingly infecting someone else’s computer.

In spite of all our incredible computer problems for the past 1-1/2
months, we still anticipate adhering to our new Seasonal Publishing
Schedule, with the next issue, the Summer Issue,  being mailed out via
Postal Mail or via e-mail no later than Mid-August.

What with all this we haven't been able to send you much in the way of
trading knowledge of late, but can guaranty you this will change in the
near future with lots of free trading information via this new opt-in
e-mail list channel.

Until we are in a better position to send you the considerable trading
knowledge we have planned, we suggest in the meantime you take good
advantage of CTCN’s powerful Webtrading Search Engine located at
https://www.webtrading.com/searchengine.htm  to do lots of free research on
all aspects of commodity futures trading, including trading system names,
individual names, methodologies and products and services.

Thanks for all your patience and being a member of this e-mail
communications list.


Dave Green

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