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Dear Trading Friend,

Here is our latest Traders Ezine. We think you will find it very
informative to help you get on the road to profitable trading and

In the past we have normally sent our Ezines in text format.
However, we are sending this one in Adobe PDF format, which makes
it look better, easier to read and also significantly more
printer friendly than most other file formats. Plus, the text
size can easily be magnified and other handy tools are available
as part of the PDF file.

If you do not have Acrobat Reader on your computer you should
click-on this webpage link:


(Note: AOL Users will need to Copy & Paste the URL into their
browsers address window).

This pdf download link is also on our website www.webtrading.com
near the lower right side of the front page.

Download a free copy of it prior to double-clicking on the
attached PDF format file. Get the one which says Free Acrobat
Reader. It will allow you to open and work with all .PDF files.

After you double-click on the attachment icon you will be asked
if you want to Open It or Save the File. We suggest you save it
to a Directory (Folder), such as My Documents. Later on you can
read it using your Word Processor or by clicking on it with a
program like Windows Explorer.

After you save it to disk you can again click on the email
attachment and open it to access it right away rather than have
to open it later using another program.


Dave Green

As a reminder, you are getting email from us because you once
either asked to go on this Traders Ezine list, or requested info
on a trading related subject we normally cover via this
communications method, or you are a client of ours.

Your email address and other information will be kept
confidential per our online Privacy Pledge. Of course, you may
opt-off this Traders Ezine at any time if you do not find this
trading knowledge useful.

This Ezine was thoroughly virus checked just before transmittal
using the latest McAfee Virus Scan, which was freshly updated.

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