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Dear Trading Friend, We have received a number of messages regarding
various problems with our Ezine'd CTCN Issue dated Dec 30, 2000.

All types of odd reports have been received, such as the opened file only
contained some form of computer type code, or it only partly opened, or
did not open at all and gave some odd error message. Plus, some reported
they did not have the required Adobe Acrobat Reader installed, or said
they thought their old version was a problem.

The odd thing about this is the vast MAJORITY of recipients who received
it said they had absolutely no problem with getting it, opening it and
saving it to disk. In fact, this Acrobat Reader process is normally fully
automatic with no user inputs required, assuming you have it already
installed on your PC.

We anticipate sending these .PDF files in the future also, so you should
have the Free Acrobat Reader installed on your computer. Also, many other
firms distribute their newsletters and various documents in Adobe PDF
Format so it would be beneficial if you have Acrobat Reader installed on
your computer. It's FREE!

Just in case you did not understand the procedure here it is. First,
double-click on the Attached File Link (frequently represented by a small
paper-clip icon), in the Ezine dated 12-30-2000. This will bring up a menu
asking if you want to Open or Save to disk. It may be done either way but
opening it first, viewing it and/or printing it, and then saving it to a
hard drive directory may be the best way to do it.

When saving to disk we suggest putting the file in your My Documents
Folder, which you can later double-click-on using a program like Windows
Explorer to open and read. If you first Open the file rather than Saving
to your hard disk right away, then you can save it later to the same

When you double-click on the attachment, the Acrobat Reader in your
computer should automatically run and open the .pdf file. AOL users may
click on the Download link from within their Mailbox Read Mail area and
open the Attached File.

If you do not have Acrobat Reader installed you should download it from
the Adobe Website. The link to do this is located at
https://www.webtrading.com/  Look at the last link about 1/3 of the way
down the main page and located within the right side-bar, last link from
the bottom of the right side.

Double-Click on the "Get Acrobat Reader" Icon and you will be sent to the
Adobe Download Page where you may get it Free of any cost. By the way, the
CTCN Ezine File should still be attached to our Dec 30 Email. That email
may have been received by you on Jan 1st., early AM due to a temporary
transmission problem we encountered. Let us know if for some odd reason
you did not get it, or no longer have it in your Email Inbox and we will
send another one to you.

In regards to another subject we are pleased to inform you we finally
fixed the "bug" in the code which stopped the E-Mini S&P and E-Mini Nasdaq
Charts from running from our website links. I apologize over the long
delay in fixing the problem! The links are below:
Free Real-Time Mini S&P: https://webtrading.com/charts/f_esp.htm
Mini Real-Time Nasdaq: https://webtrading.com/charts/f_esp.htm


As a reminder, you are getting email from us because you either once asked
to go on this Traders Ezine list, or requested info on a trading related
subject we normally cover via this communications method, or you are a
client of ours. Your email address and other information will be kept
confidential per our online Privacy Pledge. Of course, you may opt-off
this Traders Ezine at any time if you do not find this trading knowledge

P.S. The Attached file was virus checked just before transmittal using the
latest McAfee Virus Scan, which version is freshly updated.


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