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Date: Sep 21 2000 16:22:40 EDT
From: "Webtrading.com & Commodity Traders Club News" <ctcn@webtrading.com>
Subject: Webtrading.com - CTCN Trading Knowledge Traders Ezine 9-21-2000

Dear Trading Friend,

As a reminder, you are getting email from us because you either once asked
to go on this Traders Ezine list, or requested info on a trading related
subject we normally cover via this communications method, or you are a
client of ours. Your email address and other information will be kept
confidential per our online Privacy Pledge. Of course, you may opt-off
this Traders Ezine at any time if you do not find this trading knowledge


In this Extra Edition of Traders Ezine we will discuss our Real Success-2
Trading Course, include some free helpful excerpts from our Gann
Commodities Course by W. D. Gann, offer an opinion on Elliott Waves, and
more on the free E-Mini-SP chart.

To RS2 Video Course clients. Finally, the new trader training course is
done and in transit to you via 2-Day FedEx. Almost all orders were sent
yesterday, Sept 20th., except for a few foreign orders which are going out
today or tomorrow due to a slight extra delay in converting the video from
NTSC to Foreign PAL Video Format. 

Thanks for all your patience! You will be richly rewarded as we feel the
educational value found in the 4-tapes will prove incredibly valuable to
you in quite possibly getting on the road to trading success.


The RS-2 Trading Methodology taught in this new course is very likely the
best possible way to trade the markets. In fact, I believe it may very
well be the only way to successfully trade the markets successfully and
consistently, combined with reasonable trade risk..

If you have not ordered our Real Success 2 Video Tape Trading Course, I
urge all recipients of Traders Ezine to please consider ordering it. The
webpage order links are at the bottom of this Ezine.

Now that all the video, audio, computer, brokerage and duplication
problems are behind us, we are now able to send the course out to buyers
immediately, so you should get it in 4-days, allowing 2 business days for
order preparation and processing, plus 2-days for FedEx delivery.


By W. D. Gann - May, 1954, I am nearing my 76th birthday and am writing
this new (Commodities) Course of instructions, not to make money (for I
have more income than I can spend) but realizing the demand and the need
for more knowledge about future trading by so many people I now give the
benefit of my 52-years experience to help those who need it. The price of
this course is made reasonable in order that men and women with a small
amount of money can get a market education and start with a small capital
and make a success, provided they follow the rules after they learn them.

Another excerpt by Gann: When you learn the rules and follow them, you
eliminate trading on Hope, Fear, and Guesswork -- which is nothing but
gamble, and you cannot afford to risk your money gambling. You must follow
mathematical rules, which I have proved to be a realistic guide in
trading. You must prove to yourself that the rules have always worked in
the past and they will work in the future. When you have the proof, follow
the rules and you will make speculation a profitable profession.

More from Gann About Hope and Fear: I repeat this because I have seen so
many people go broke trading on hope and fear. You will never succeed
buying or selling when you hope the market is going up or down. You will
never succeed by making a trade because you fear the market is going up or
down. Hope will ruin you, because it is nothing more than wishful thinking
and provides no basis for action. Fear will often save you if you act
quickly when you see that you are wrong. "The fear of the market is the
beginning of wisdom."  Knowledge, which you can only obtain by deep study,
will help you to make a success. The more you study past records, the
surer you are to be able to detect the trend of the future.


Excerpt from CTCN - Why Elliott Wave Does Not Work by contributor Kent
Calhoun -  Elliott Wave is complex and subjective, used differently by
different traders. EW tries to give structure to price chaos, but often
breaks down at critical market junctures where Elliott Waves are defined
by zigs and zags with numerical counts usually under 5. When the EW
analyst improperly analyzes a market, he merely explains his mistakes by
stating "there was an alternate wave count." This is like Steve Martin who
explained his mistakes exclaiming "Well Excuuuse Me!!" Elliott wave counts
are often lagging indicators of price action, because EW does not have a
quantifiable structure 100% always predictive. 


Re: Free E-Mini-SP Website and its S&P Real-Time data feed and chart:

Due to technical difficulties beyond our direct control, our new
non-commercial no-ad quick-loading website chart on our www.e-mini-sp.com
stopped working. 

Major programming work is required to get it operational again. Therefore,
the old banner advertising S&P Chart is now up until the free non-
commercial site can be fixed. Itís still real-time non-delayed and free,
but you will have to tolerate the annoying ads until we are able to
resolve the problem. We will let you know when itís fixed.

All the best,

Dave Green, Editor

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