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Date: Jul 18 1999 12:08:29 EDT
From: "Commodity Traders Club" <ctcn@webtrading.com>
Subject: Trading & Investing Search Engine

There is an extremely valuable resource available to you which you may not
have yet taken advantage of or been aware of. It's the Webtrading powerful
Search Engine. It is the same Engine used by the excellent Infoseek-Go
Search Engine Company. In fact, we purchased it from InfoSeek at
considerable cost.

We have thousands of pages of trading knowledge and information on all
aspects of trading in our online data base, including almost fifty
back-issues of CTCN (excluding the latest three issues) going back to the
first one May, 1993. In addition, we have numerous other information
sources online and searchable. 

This valuable service may be used for you to research almost any trading
related product, such as a specific trading system, methodology, trading
ideas and concepts. individual vendors names or company name, etc. 

In addition to specific words or word combinations, you may also use
phrases, sentences and questions such as "A good commodity futuresdaytrading methodology", "value and benefits of buying Omega
Tradestation", or questions like "How can I use Gann trading techniques to
trade successfully?", etc.

All this information can be easily accessed using our Search Engine 24-hrs
a day at https://www.webtrading.com/searchengine.htm
Please note this is a free service. However, at some time in the future
this and some other key benefits may only be available to paid members of
our trading club.


Dave Green

Webtrading Knowledge Based website https://www.webtrading.com/

Traders Organization, devoted to the desire and possibility of achieveing
daytrading success https://www.traders.org/

CTCN Club Membership Page https://www.webtrading.com/member.htm

TradersAuction for listing/selling/buying trading related items at auction
price levels https://www.tradersauction.com/

All the best,

Dave Green

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