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Date: Sep 15 2000 02:08:08 EDT
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Dear Trading Friend,

As a reminder, you are getting email from us because you either once asked
to go on this Traders Ezine list, or requested info on a trading related
subject we normally cover via this communications method, or you are a
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To the RS2 Video Course clients. We finally got the duplicated tapes and
were not happy with their quality, mostly as far as the video and audio
quality was concerned. Therefore, we have done them over and the new tapes
are better quality, especially the audio. 

As a side benefit we feel they are also better as far as the learning
experience and content goes, including the real-time trades made during
the taping using our new broker and the excellent LeoWeb Intenet-based
brokerage software.

You have a choice of us sending the Tapes we finished earlier (which
duplication quality was not the best) this week, or optionally wait a
short time until Monday (Sept 18th), when the improved new 4-Tape RS2
Trading Course will be sent via 2nd Day FedEx delivery to RS2 clients.

We need the weekend time to finish the video duplications. We were dealing
with a duplication factory but their turn-around time was  longer than
anticipated and quality was questionable. Therefore, at substantial cost,
we purchased extensive video duplication equipment, which allows us to
reproduce up to 10 Tapes per 2-hour period.

With this new video equipment we can get all the duplications done this
weekend for mailing this coming Monday, finally, and not be at the mercy
of an out-of-town tape duplication firm.

Please contact us if you would prefer the lesser quality tapes mailed this
week (by Friday Sept.15). However, we ask for you to please be a little
more patient and wait a few more days for the improved and better quality
tapes, which will be sent this coming Monday, and you should get next week.

If we do not hear from you about wanting the lsser quality tapes, we will
proceed with the better quality-trading course to you via FedEx mail early
next week. Therefore, you do not have to contact us unless you prefer the
not so great (but ready tapes), a few days earlier. It’s best if you go
with the new enhanced ones. Thanks for your understanding and patience!


Re: E-Mini-SP Website and free S&P Real-Time data feed and chart

As many of you noticed and contacted us about. Due to unexpected and
complex technical difficulties beyond our direct control, our new
non-commercial no-ad quick-loading website www.e-mini-sp.com  suddenly
stopped working this week. 

Since some major programming work is needed to get it back up, we were
forced to switch to the old banner advertising S&P Chart until the free
non-commercial site can be fixed.

It’s still real-time non-delayed and free, but you will have to tolerate
the annoying banner ads until we are able to resolve the problem. We will
let you know when it’s fixed via Traders Ezine.


Trading Knowledge from W. D. Gann, reprinted from our Gann Commodities
Trading Course: 

"My experience has proved that it is more profitable to trade in
commodities than stocks, and you can make larger profits on the same
amount of capital with a smaller risk.  When you trade in commodities, you
are trading in the necessities of life.  Commodity prices obey the law of
supply and demand and follow a seasonal trend most of the time. When you
learn the rules and follow them, you eliminate trading on Hope, Fear, and
Guesswork -- which is nothing but gamble, and you cannot afford to risk
your money gambling."

"If you intend to make speculation a Profitable Profession, you must learn
all the rules and apply all of them to determine the trend Professional
men, such as lawyers, doctors, accountants and engineers, spend years in
training and a large amount of money to learn how to succeed in their
chosen profession. You must spend time and money to learn the profession
and become a successful speculator or investor."


W. D. Gann also talks about “The Basis Of My Forecasting Method For Grains
- Geometric Angles” - in the Commodities Course:

"FIRST IMPORTANT ANGLE (45º or 1 x 1) The first and always most important
angle to draw is a 45º angle or a moving average that moves up one point
per day, one point per week or one point per month. This is a 45º angle
because it divides the Space and Time Periods into two equal parts. As
long as the market or a stock stays above the 45º angle, it is in the
strong position and indicates higher prices.  You can buy every time a
stock rests on the 45º angle with a stop loss order one, two or three
points under the 45º angle, but remember the rule -- never use a stop loss
order more than 3 points away. Unless stocks are near the low levels or
just starting in a bull market or selling at very low prices, I always use
a stop loss order one point under the 45º angle. If this angle is broken
by one point, you will usually find that the trend has changed at least
temporarily and the stock will go lower.

An easy way to calculate accurately how to put on this 45º angle is: For
example: If the time is 28 days, 28 weeks, or 28 months from the point
where the stock was bottom, then the angle of 45º must be 28 points up
from the bottom and would cross at 28. This is one of the easiest angles
to put on and one of the simplest to learn. You can beat the market by
trading against the 45º angle alone if you stick to the rule -- wait to
buy a stock on the 45º angle or wait to sell it against the 45º angle.

NEXT IMPORTANT ANGLE is the angle of 2 x 1, or the moving-average, which
moves up at the rate of 2 points per day, week or month.  It divides the
pace between the 45º angle and the vertical angle into two equal parts and
measures 63¾º. That is why it is the next strongest and most important
angle. As long as, a stock holds above this angle, it is in a stronger
position than when it is resting on a 45º angle because it is a more acute
angle. When a stock breaks under this angle of 2 x 1, or two points for
each time period, then it indicates that it will go lower and reach the
45º angle. Remember the rule of all angles: No matter what angle the stock
breaks under, it indicates a decline to the next angle below it.

THIRD IMPORTANT ANGLE (4 x 1), which is still stronger as long as a stock
holds above it, is the angle, which moves up 4 points per day, week, or
month. This angle is 4 x 1, or 4 points of Space equal one period of Time.
It measures 75º and divides the space between the angle of 2 x 1 and the
90º angle into two equal parts.  Any stock that continues to advance 4
points per day, 4 points per week, or 4 points per month, and remains
above this angle is in a very strong position as long as it stays above
it, but when it breaks under, it indicates the next angle or next support
point according to the position of the stock on time.

FOURTH IMPORTANT ANGLE is the angle of 8 x 1 or the one that moves up 8
points per day, week or month. This angle measures 82½º.  As long as a
stock can hold above this angle on daily, weekly or monthly chart, it is
in the strongest possible position, but when it reverses trend and
declines below this angle, then it indicates a decline to the next angle.

NEXT ANGLE: It is possible to use an angle of 16 x 1, or 16 points of
Price to one period of Time, which measures 86¼º, but this angle is only
used in fast, advancing markets, like 1929, when stocks are moving up or
down 16 points or more per week or per month. There are very few stocks
that will move up 16 points per day, week or month, and very seldom.

You will note that with these four important angles we show the strong or
bullish side of the market. All the time by dividing the Space with angles
we are getting the half-way point or the gravity center of Time and Price."

Click-on the Link For More Info and to order our Gann Commodities Course

All the best,

Dave Green, Editor

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