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Date: Aug 23 2000 04:36:10 EDT
From: "Webtrading.com & Commodity Traders Club News" <ctcn@webtrading.com>
Subject: Webtrading.com - CTCN Trading Knowledge Traders Ezine August 23, 2000

Dear Trading Friend,

As a reminder, you are getting email from us because you either
once asked to go on this Traders Knowledge Ezine list, or requested info
on a trading related subject we normally cover via this communications
method, or you are a client of ours. Your email address and other
information will be kept confidential per our online Privacy Pledge. Of
course, you may opt-off this Traders EZine at any time if you do not find
this trading knowledge useful.

Good News for you E-Mini S&P Traders who want to avoid paying from $135 to
$165 or more a month to intra-day data vendors for one Exchange (CME).

We got some feedback from a few traders who were critical of the
irritating and off-topic ads (ads coming from the original chart provider)
on the real-time charts via our webtrading website. Therefore, after lots
of work we now have a Direct and Fast Access Real-time Non-Delayed E-Mini
S&P-500 chart, which is also Non-Commercial!

In addition to no annoying animated banner ads cluttering up the chart
screen, it also features an immediate chart as soon as you access the
website, with no links and no navigation thru various menus, etc. Here is
the link to the new quick non-advertising chart and data source
https://www.e-mini-sp.com You may also enter other Symbols into the Sym
box to chart other markets.

About our Real Success 2nd Edition Course. We had incredible delays
finishing it. Not the least of which was having to switch futures
brokerage accounts 3-times while working on the course. 

First we were with an East Coast firm who had very low commissions but
also very limited service, including only allowing trading on the
electronic markets.

Next, a Chicago broker who somehow and regrettably persuaded me to use
their 100& web-browser based trading platform  not a good ideas even if
it meant saving a few dollars on commission. 

The fact it was Browser based meant it was seemingly slower than a
software based system, plus more susceptible to problems and foul-ups, due
to it being 100% Browser-Based, rather than much faster software on my
hard disk, which also only uses the Internet for a brief time to submit
and receive orders and fills.

Our newest broker is using the LeoWeb LFG Software which we used very well
in the past and feel comfortable with. Since its not solely dependant on
the Internet and browsers it should easily prove better than a Web Browser
based brokerage trading platform. More on this later.

Lots of time slipped by as we switched firms three times, did all the new
account paper-work and money transfers, etc. In addition, we ended up
buying lots of new video equipment and PC Hardware for better quality
video tapes. 

This included an extra new hard disk, new monitor, new VCR, and most
importantly an All-In-Wonder Video Card for transferring the PC Screen
video and audio to the hard drive, and then out to the VCR.

What with all those problems it caused a far too long delay with the RS2
Course. However, most of the work and taping is now finished and the new
trading course should be sent before months-end!

To make it up to Real Success 2 clients (who have been so patient) we will
be sending you an additional tape (at no cost) about 2 weeks after you get
the new 4-Tape RS2 Course. The bonus VCR Tape goes into more detail on a
newly discovered and amazing profit-potential sub-set system found within
the primary Real Success Methodology. 

There is still time to order the new course (and also get the free 5th
Tape as a bonus) if you have not already done so. The 2nd Edition Ordering
Agreement is here https://www.traders.org/rsorder.htm  

All the best,

Dave Green

P.S. Here are some trading links we suggest you look at::

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at auction prices https://www.tradersauction.com

In addition to a link to the Quick Access Non-Commercial E-Mini-SP Site,
this site also offers free access to delayed data and charts on most
futures markets https://www.commodity-price-charts.com 

By the way, CSI in Florida is our very highly recommended data provider
(for non real-time data) in all markets. They are rated number-1 for data
quality. We have used them since the early 1980s and found them superb:
https://www.webtrading.com/links/csi.htm The owner of CSI, Bob Pelletier,
is a pioneer in the trading markets computerized data field. He also
writes an interesting newsletter for CSI clients.

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