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Date: Aug 01 2000 02:58:37 EDT
From: "Webtrading.com & Commodity Traders Club News" <ctcn@webtrading.com>
Subject: Webtrading.com - CTCN Webtrading Traders Ezine July 31, 2000

Dear Trading Friend,

As a reminder, you are getting email from us because you either
once asked to go on this Traders Knowledge Ezine list, or requested info
on a trading related subject we normally cover via this communications
method, or you are a client of ours. Your email address and other
information will be kept confidential per our online Privacy Pledge. Of
course, you may opt-off this Traders EZine at any time if you do not find
this trading knowledge useful.

The two free real-time non-delayed charts on the E-Mini S&P and Mini
Nasdaq markets continue to be popular. More and more we hear from traders
who are thinking about canceling their high-priced $160 or more per month
real-time data feeds, with plans to instead use the free real-time charts
on our webtrading.com website.

In response to some inquiries, once again I have compared the paid and
free emini sp data by putting them both online by opening two browsers and
putting a chart on each side of my monitor. Once again, I see no
noticeable difference in speed between the data feeds.

The distracting and off-topic banner ads which are on the free charts
continue to be more annoying but we will have to tolerate it, at least
until we can get programming work done so we can eventually offer our own
free real-time charts, without ads and be independent of quote.com. 

The free real-time charts are located on our primary site
https://www.webtrading.com on the front page right-side-bar and also
available at one of Webtrading's Micro-Websites 
https://www.commodity-price-charts.com This site also gives free access to
delayed data and charts on most of the active futures markets.

On a different subject, the new Real Success 2nd Edition Course has been
delayed as we decided to buy some last minute new video equipment for
better quality tapes. We finally got it all working thanks to a great
helpful friend and a client named York, who helped us out at great length
and with amazing patience in figuring out all the wiring, connections,
software setup and the many technical issues involved.

Due to the delay the Real Success 2nd Edition Video Tape Trading Course is
still available at the special offer price. Thus, you can still get it at
the special price for new clients, or much lower pricing for old trading
course upgrade clients. 

Plus, the 10% Early-Order discount and Certificate good for $200 off of
our next Trading Seminar Workshops have been extended until the mid-August
Release Date of the new Video Course. The 2nd Edition Ordering Agreement
is here https://www.traders.org/rsorder.htm  We expect to ship-out by
Mid-August. Thanks again for your patience!

P.S. Its taking too long to edit and string together in the right order
the many Ross Emails. Therefore, the series of odd correspondence
involving Joe Ross and Ross Trading, and also ones from Joe Ross, will be
sent with a special extra Traders Ezine later this week. They are
published with Joes permission. They reveal some really surprising
things, including Joe's allegations about some people impersonating Joe
and his wife to myself, and allegations of misinformation on Joe having

All the best,

Dave Green

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