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Date: Jul 18 2000 12:30:16 EDT
From: "Webtrading.com & Commodity Traders Club News" <ctcn@webtrading.com>
Subject: Webtrading.com - CTCN Webtrading.com Traders Knowledge Ezine – Tuesday, July 18, 2000

Dear Trading Friend,

As a reminder, you are getting email from us because you either
once asked to go on this Traders Knowledge Ezine list, or requested info
on a trading related subject we normally cover via this communications
method, or you are a client of ours. Your email address and other
information will be kept confidential per our online Privacy Pledge. Of
course, you may opt-off this Traders EZine at any time if you do not find
this trading knowledge useful.

   We are glad to hear the two free real-time non-delayed charts on the
E-Mini S&P and Mini Nasdaq markets have been so popular.

Thanks to everyone who has contacted us letting us know how they
appreciate the free real-time tick charts. Though some of you have already
cancelled your paid real-time data feeds, I am still collecting tick data
(at least for now) from E-Signal. 

As you know, it’s way overpriced at approx’ $150-mo., just for the one or
two markets we actively monitor and trade. One reason we still use
E-Signal is the free data feed not being currently compatible with Omega
Tradestation. We still need to use Tradestation for trading and our Real
Success 2 Trading Course, which utilizes both paid and free real-time
data, and end-of-day data sources for the taping sessions.

Many times I have compared the two data feeds on my screen at the same
time by putting them both up by opening two browsers and putting a chart
on each side of my monitor. There is no noticeable difference in speed
between the free data and paid E-Signal feed. The free quotes are
definitely non-delayed and the price changes appear basically
simultaneously in side-by-side real-time comparisons.

In fact, the free feed via our website may even be “better” than the paid
feed since every single tick appears to be reported, whereas there is much
evidence E-Signal (and other data providers do not report all ticks). This
is something I have been suspicious of for many years and could never get
satisfactory answers on this issue from places like E-Signal, PC Quote,
Bonneville and Futures Source.

It’s really incredible how you can now get totally free real-time data and
charts on these markets and it some ways (such as tick volume) it’s
actually better than the grossly over-priced feeds from data vendors. Much
of the high cost is due to the so-called Exchange Fees. These fees have
been waived by the CME as part of a successful pilot program to make the
Mini Markets more popular.

These charts are online via our website www.webtrading.com almost 24-hrs a
day, as these markets trade electronically around-the-clock.

We know many of you only trade the E-Mini-S&P-500 Market because it’s an
“easy” market to trade via the Internet and also has comparative “low

Some of you have already reported you have cancelled your high-priced
accounts at the data vendors and are trading using the free charts and
saving lots of money in data expenses each month. We also may be canceling
it soon since our free charts are working so well.

When we first started this project a few weeks ago, the programmer we
hired wrote code to extract it from the quote.com website, and without
their annoying and distracting banner ads. He apparently though it was OK
to do so since they were transmitting it free themselves over the
Internet. Plus, the CME was sending the quotes free and waiving their
normally high priced Exchange Fees to everyone, including quote.com

They must have been monitoring our website as within 2-days of putting the
charts online we received email notices saying we can not use their
(Advertising Free) Java Applet. However, if we agree to pay them from
$4,000 to $8,000 per month for the technology, it’s OK! This is not a
misprint but how much they actually wanted from us!

Of course, that’s prohibitively expensive to say the least. When we asked
why the feed was so much money, they basically said in not so many words
they only wanted this type of business from heavy-hitter large corporate
and big brokerage websites who could afford their amazingly high fees, not
smaller trading sites like ours. 

Therefore, we are now forced to carry their distracting and screen
cluttering Banner and Text Ads, including some ridiculous flashing and
rotating dumb banner ads for places like online dating services and online
casino betting places, etc. The least they could do is have investment and
trading related ads rather than unrelated stupid ads!

In addition, to make their ads even more annoying, they constantly refresh
and repost them every 30-seconds or so. This is extremely annoying but we
will simply have to tolerate it for now, at least until we can get
programming work done so we can eventually offer our own free real-time
charts, without ads. 

Still not sure it can be done, but we are working on it. In the meantime
try ignoring those stupid ads, and avoid clicking on them or it may be
hard to return to the free chart and our website. We plan to offer many
more free real-time charts in the future, especially if we manage to get
the programming done so we can be independent and not rely on someone
else’s technology.

The free real-time charts are located on our primary site
https://www.webtrading.com on the front page right-side-bar and also
available at one of Webtrading's Micro-Websites 
https://www.commodity-price-charts.com This site also gives free access to
delayed data and charts on most of the active futures markets.

On a different subject, we would like to thank the traders who already
ordered our Real Success 2nd Edition Video Tape Trading Course. All the
details are located here https://www.traders.org/realsuccess2.htm

We are working hard on it, it’s scheduled for shipment approx’ the first
week of August. This is a complete trading course and comes with a
(limited) money-back guaranty after 1-year. Due to the shipping delay
(caused by new recording equipment for better quality videos) you can
still get it at the special price of $877 for new clients, or $297 for
upgrade clients. 

Also, the 10% Early-Order discount for both new and upgrade clients, and
the Certificate good for $200 off our next Trading Seminar Workshops have
been extended until Aug 1st. The Ordering Agreement is here
Our free Traders Search Engine to research most all trading products,
services, systems and methods, is not being used as much as it should be,
what with its thousands of pages of free trading knowledge on most all
trading subjects. 

It's always online at www.webtrading.com/links/searchengine.htm It may
very well be the best available source of free trading knowledge to help
you succeed. Please us it - it’s free!

In our last Ezine we indicated we would reprint the Joe Ross emails in
this issue. Since this Ezine is already longer than planned, it’s better
if we don’t make it even longer, for your easy online reading. 

Therefore we will have another special Ezine before months-end which will
include the interesting Joe Ross story and Ross Trading information. In
the meantime, we have a free Special Report with content by both Joe Ross
and his main nemesis, The Late Bruce Babcock on Joe located at

Our next issue will have all the interesting emails we have been
exchanging recently with Joe. The interesting (unedited) emails reveal
some really surprising things, including Joe's allegations about some
people impersonating Joe and his wife (to yours truly), and alleged false
information of Joe having cancer and odd business practices. It's very
interesting reading. Joe has authorized our re-publishing these emails.

All the best,

Dave Green

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