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Date: Jul 01 2000 02:59:08 EDT
From: "Webtrading.com & Commodity Traders Club News" <ctcn@webtrading.com>
Subject: Webtrading.com - CTCN Traders EZine from CTCN and Webtrading.com

Dear Trading Friend,

As a reminder, you are getting email from us because you either
once asked to go on this list, or requested info on a trading
related subject we normally cover via this communications method,
or you are a client of ours. Of course, you may opt-off this
Traders E-Zine at any time if you do not find this trading
knowledge useful.

First, we again want to call your attention to the fact we now have 
free real-time non-delayed E-Mini S&P and E-Mini Nasdaq charts. These 
charts are online via our website www.webtrading.com almost 24-hrs a 
day, as these markets trade electronically around-the-clock.

We know many of you only trade the Mini S&P Market because of its ease of
trading over the Internet and its Reasonable Risk compared to most other
futures markets (mostly due to the small contract involved  only $50 per

Many of you (myself included) are forced to pay approx $150-month or 
more to data vendors like DBC E-Signal, PC Quote and others for all the
contracts traded at the CME Exchange. According to my Tradestation Global
Server, I am getting unwanted data on hundreds of contracts just from the
CME Exchange! 

If I paid the extra money to get other Exchanges like the CBOT and New
York Markets I would probably end-up with over a thousand contracts  how
ridiculous this is, what a waste of both money and computer power,
including your PC's hard disk space and memory. 

Neither the data vendors or the exchanges allow you to select only 
markets you want to trade. You are forced to take every market! How 
many of us really care about real-time data (or delayed data) on 
obscure commodity markets like the Argentine Bond, Brazilian Bond, 
Mexican Bond, Mexico Stock Index, South African Rand, Fluid Milk, Dry 
Milk, Cheddar Cheese, Russian Ruble, New Zealand Dollar, Russell Index and
many other unpopular U.S. based trading markets. 

The Exchange and Real-Time Data Vendors don't care if this data is 
forced on everyone on these thinly traded futures markets. Plus, to add
salt to our wound on more popular markets, they force us to take every
contract month, including contracts like June 2008 Eurodollars (yes, this
is not a misprint, the Euro trades 37 various contract months - years from
now thru 2008! P.S. Those Euro contracts 7 or 8 yrs out somehow manage to
have surprisingly good Open Interest (about 3000 to 4000 contracts, for
those distant contract month).

However, the distant Open Interest is probably almost all commercials 
and banks using the far out contracts for hedging, etc. Very few if any
small or private traders trade those far-out contracts. Some other far-out
examples now trading are June 2001 Live Cattle and Dec 2002 Corn. 

Except perhaps for Spread Traders, The Commercials, Hedgers and a few 
long-term traders, most all of us trade one of the nearby contracts. 
Daytraders basically trade only the very near-by next contract.

The CME has a pilot program involving the waiving of all Exchange Fees for
the Mini SP, Mini Nasdaq and  a number of Mini-Currencies. Even though
there are no Exchange Fees your cost of data is not coming down as you are
forced to accept all the markets, not just the free markets.

This means most of us who only trade the Mini SP are being tremendously
overcharged what with typical monthly bills of $150-mo or more, for all
that real-time data which we must take.

This is why we have worked so hard to find ways of delivering this 
supposedly "free" data truly free of any cost to you. We paid a firm in
Canada for programming work to get this data free for you and on our
websites as Clickable free links. It's done by using Applets running on a
third party quote service website. 

Our real-time charts and data will remain free well into the future, as
far as we know. However, the quote service involved wants us to display
banner ads if we want to continue using their Applets, as their banner
advertisers are a major source of income for them. 

Very reluctantly we have agreed to do this if it's actually enforced by
them in th future. However, as of now (June 30th) the charts are free of
any advertising but we do not know how long it will last, at least without
their annoying and distracting banner ads being displayed. We are also
working on ways to offer the charts directly and without having to use
someone else's technology, but this may take some time.

The free real-time charts are located on our primary site 
www.webtrading.com  on the front page right-side bar and also available at
one of Webtrading's Micro-Websites 

On a different subject, we would like to thank the traders who ordered our
Real Success 2nd Edition Video Tape Trading Course 

We are working hard on it, but it has been delayed slightly. The new 
course is now scheduled for shipment in late July, rather than early 
July. We are also taking early reservations for a Year 2001 Seminar and
Workshops www.trading-seminars.com  to personally teach the new Real
Success 2nd Edition Internet Based Trading. 

This is an optional enhanced supplement (due out shortly) to the 
Classical Original Real Success Home Study Trading Course. We have 
received phone calls from several old Real Success educational trading
course clients who were somehow under a mistaken impression. 

They thought if they ordered the so called "Upgraded Course" they would be
getting a lesser package and benefits than a new client who ordered the
trading course for the first time. 

For example, a few clients we spoke to (and likely many others we do 
not know about) thought the upgraded course was only 1 or 2 tapes 
(rather than 4) and the trading manual was condensed and shortened 
(rather than a complete trading manual), and perhaps had lesser support or
a shorter money-back guaranty, rather than the full 1-year return
privilege offered. 

This is not so! The package is identical for both old clients and new. The
only difference is old clients qualify for Upgraded Pricing, 
whereas new Real Success clients pay a higher price (but still 

By the way, the New Real Success Video Tape Package is still available to
those of you who have not yet ordered it, either at the Upgrade or New
Client Price: https://www.traders.org/realsuccess2.htm  

Our next Traders Ezine (in approx 2-weeks) will focus on the well known
Joe Ross and Ross Trading. We will be publishing a series of emails (back
and forth) between Joe and your Club. The emails reveal some really
surprising things, including Joe's allegations about some people
impersonating Joe and his wife, and alleged false rumors of Joe's disease
and his business practices. It's very interesting reading.

Finally, please take full advantage of our Traders Search Engine to 
research most all trading products, services, systems and methods. It's
free and always online at www.webtrading.com/links/searchengine.htm

There are thousands of pages of trading knowledge indexed in the 
Traders Search Engine. It may very well be the best available source of
trading knowledge to help you succeed. Plus, it's free! We spent many
thousands of dollars on the search technology. Please use it for your

All the best,

Dave Green

Trading Knowledge Traders Ezine - June 20, 2000

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