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Date: Jun 19 2000 02:57:00 EDT
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Dear Trading Friend,

As a reminder, you are getting email from us because you either
once asked to go on this list, or requested info on a trading
related subject we normally cover via this communications method,
or you are a present or past client of ours. Of course, you may opt-off
this Traders E-Zine at any time if you do not find this free trading
knowledge useful.

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Announcing CTCN's Year 2001 Commodity Trading Seminars and Trading
Educational Workshops. It will be held during 4-days, May 6th thru May
10th., 2001 in London, England. 

CTCN's Year 2001 U.K. Commodity Futures Trading Financial Seminar is being
offered due to numerous client requests for more in-depth and a more
hands-on level of teaching our Real Success day-trading methods.

We have received many requests for us to hold a trading seminar over the
years, starting in 1996, the year we first offered our highly praised Real
Success Educational Trader Training Course. Click on the website link for
all the details.

If you are not yet a member of our club, you should consider joining NOW
to get all this knowledge quickly rather than incurring long delays to
read these knowledge-packed newsletters. By the way, CTCN's most recent
issues are not available free on-line but are only sent to our paid

Please consider joining our group NOW and get our knowledge on a regular
basis, with no waiting for our latest issue to go on our
www.webtrading.com website (approx 6-months or more after in-print
publication) by clicking on the website link.
Below are article headlines from our current printed newsletter (48-pages
long), Issue 52, which has been sent via postal mail to our paid members
of our trading club: 
(Not Online) Print Issue #52 (Vol 8-1) Contains These Articles:

	Trade Dow Jones Futures Trade Smart - Bill Seideman 
	Fibonacci Numbers - Reprinted w/perm of Asimov On Numbers 
	Gleaning From W. D. Gann - Rick J. Ratchford 
	Gann Lines, Lines, Everywhere Are Lines - Rick J. Ratchford 
	"Plan Your Trade, Trade Your Plan" - Mark Pennings 
	Vendor Problems - Phil Borsook 
	Has Hell Frozen Over? - Mike Nagel 
	Online Futures Trading - AHnalyst 
	Broker With Reasonable Commissions - T. S. Bollmann 
	Keeping an Open Mind - Rick Ratchford 
	CFTC Proposes to Exempt Some Advisors from Registration 
	Looking for Profits - Ernest Goldstein 
	Squaring the Circle - Reprinted w/perm of Asimov On Numbers 
	All About Volatility - Reprinted w/perm of Tech Trd Bulletin 
	OPTIONS & SPREADS: The Money-Eating Monster - Greg Donio 
	Moving Averages - Trendlines & Misc Comments - C. J. Casebeer 
	Hidden Knowledge, Tech Analysis and Holy Grail - Dann Dodd 
	About Joe Ross - Mark 
	Denigration Without Facts - Tyrone Faulkner 
	More on Joe Ross - Duane Howe 
	Joe Ross & Negative Feedback 
	Go Ahead and Continue to Print The Truth - Don L. 
	Gann - A Great Trader? - Mark Crisp 
	Not Confortable Trading Yet - Lee Villarreal 
	"Best" Broker & Min Amount Needed to Trade - Kevin Woolery 
	Confusion With A Negative Attitude - Trader Named Robert 
	Why Was My Article Not Published? - Robert Carr 
	Useful Trading Info Re Kent Calhoun & Wm O'Neil - Robert Carr 
	S&P E-Mini - Realistic Commissions at Last - Dave Dawson 
	Member Requests & Comments 
	Announcing The New Real Success 2nd Edition Video Tape Series 

Please visit our website https://www.webtrading.com/ for all the details on
these benefits and more information, including additional free traders


Dave Green
Webtrading.com and CTCN

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