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Date: Jul 17 1999 22:35:19 EDT
From: "Commodity Traders Club" <ctcn@webtrading.com>
Subject: Latest News from CTCN...

As you may be aware of, we have had incredible computer problems starting
mid-June, which involved all 3 of our PC's and by coincidence started at
about the time we were getting ready for press with our May/June 1999

Finally, all 3 of our PC's are working well as of today. However, it's too
late to publish the May/June issue now as it would not get delivered until
late July, at the earliest.

We have been thinking about possibly going to a new Quarterly or Seasonal
publishing schedule, i.e. Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter issues.
Therefore, as a result of the long delay with our current issue we are
switching to this schedule effective immidiately, rather than at a later

This new schedule will not detract from our knowledge as we will
beexpanding our trading coverage with the Seasional Issues so our members
will end-up getting the same or greater information.

Oor next issue will be the Summer issue, sent to paid Club Members via
Postal Mail or E-Mail about Mid-August.

If you are not a paid CTCN subscriber this issue will not be available for
9-months as our latest 3-issues are not avaialble via our free website.
However, all our back-issues (except for the last 3) can be found on our
website https://www.webtrading.com

If you are not already a paid club member and wish to get our wealth of
knowledge starting with our next issue you should join our Group now

For lots of free daytrading knowledge you may also visit our sister
website at  https://www.traders.org/

By the way, please complete this free E-Mail Communications List Profile
if you haven't already done so. You may also communicate with other
members of this list at anytime via this channel.


Dave Green
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