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Date: Apr 01 2000 00:03:09 EST
From: "Commodity Traders Club" <ctcn@webtrading.com>
Subject: Trading Knowledge from Webtrading.com & CTCN

Dear Trading Friend,

As a reminder, you are getting email from us because you either once asked
to go on this list, or requested info on a trading related subject we
normally cover via this communications method, or you are a client of
ours. Of course, you may opt-off the list at any time if for some reason
you do not find this free trading knowledge useful.

We have been hard at work with several different projects which will
provide you with additional free benefits and knowledge. These service
enhancements are almost ready and will be announced very soon.

The first announced project and perhaps the major change for your benefit
is our change in the method and frequency providing you with trading
knowledge. As our members know, our previous schedule was to send a
Monthly Trading Knowledge Email and a Quarterly Printed Edition of CTCN
via the US Mail 4-times a year.

Our new enhanced schedule will start next week and involves a Weekly
Trading Knowledge E-Zine plus an enlarged printed CTCN via Postal Mail
3-times per year, with CTCN Issues mailed in April, August & December.

Our prior quarterly printed and mailed CTCN’s normally consisted of
between 32 to 40-pages. The new printed and mailed CTCN’s are larger and
more knowledge-packed, normally consisting of at least 48-pages. 

A major reason for this new schedule is the fact Email and the Internet
are so immensely popular and fast many of our surveyed members prefer a
weekly trading knowledge e-zine via email rather than monthly, plus larger
in-print issues.

We believe a larger and more comprehensive printed CTCN will be valuable
to everyone. Also, by reducing the publishing frequency of the printed and
mailed editions it will give us more time to work on the weekly e-zines
and some other enhancements. Plus, improvements and additional benefits to
our https://www.webtrading.com website.

We trust these changes will result in you getting even more benefit and
much more frequent trading knowledge from your webtrading.com membership.

Watch for our first edition of the weekly emailed Webtrading.com E-Zine
starting with the first weekly edition to be emailed a week from today,
April 7th., 2000.

All the best,

Dave Green
Webtrading.com and CTCN

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