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Date: Feb 20 2000 13:33:43 EST
From: "Commodity Traders Club" <ctcn@webtrading.com>
Subject: Trading Knowledge & News from Webtrading - CTCN

Dear Webtrading - CTCN free opt-in list member,

As a reminder, you are getting email from us because you earlier asked to
be on this list, or requested info on a trading related subject we cover
via this communications method, or you are a client of ours. Of course,
you may easily opt-off the list at any time if for some reason you do not
find this free trading knowledge useful.

We are now working on final editing of our upcoming issue, CTCN Issue 52.
It's one of our best issues and is scheduled to be sent to you within the
next 2-weeks.

In case you haven't visited our https://www.webtrading.com website lately
you should take a look at it again as we have added a considerable amount
of great new online content. This includes some really interesting W.D.
Gann knowledge in the form of some old articles written about him. Plus,
we have added a new comprehensive Glossary of Futures Trading terms.
Almost every trading term imaginable is covered. 

We have also spent lots of time making our sister website
one of the best online auction sites. As you may know, itís the only
auction website which is dedicated to trading and investing products and
services. Itís not trying to compete with or be another e-Bay, instead it
serves a small niche type of market, now  expanded to cover the rapidly
growing field of Internet Domain Names. 

The decision to cover the popular Domain Name business was made since we
already owned over 50 trading related domain names ourselves. Even though
we just added domain categories to the site there are already approxí 700
domains listed. 

Many names are related to stocks, options and commodity futures trading
and daytrading. But now there even more listed relating to other subjects
like Communications, Shopping, Entertainment, Real Estate, Finance, The
Internet, Business Terms, Occupations, Professional Names, Places &
Phrases, etc.

If you have a business and a profession (in addition to investing and
trading) or would like to start a business itís very important to own a
good and real domain name. Now that names may be registered up to 67
characters long (old limit 26 characters), including the dot and the
extension (i.e. .com). It has opened up incredible opportunity to buy
domain names, which are real and meaningful business terms, which can
accurately describe a business so the business benefits from its name with
more hits. 

In addition, we are paying a 15% Referral Fee if you refer a domain name
buyer to us. If you know someone or a firm in need of a good or a better
internet business name then send them to TradersAuction. You can make some
easy money by referring them.

As you may know, many domain names are just plain stupid, misspelled, odd
and nonsensical. This is because all the good (short) ones were taken.
This is why the new long names will be so valuable in the near future.
TradersAuction specializes in these new long domain names. Check it out at

The reason for spending time covering domain names here is because itís an
incredibly important area for businesses, possibly the most important
thing for a business to concentrate on at the start of the new millennium
as far as future success is concerned.

If you are not interested in domain names you are invited to list any
trading or investment related products you may own at TradersAuction.
Members of CTCN and Webtrading clients may list, sell and buy items at no

The $5 TradersAuction Membership fee is waived for our paid clients. The
small membership fee was primarily designed to safeguard against fraud by
identifying participants with their required credit card number, not
necessary with existing Webtrading - CTCN clients.

You probably have some trading products or trading systems sitting around
gathering dust, which you no longer use or find useful. However, you can
offer them for sale to a fellow trader interested in the item you no
longer use and get some cash in the process.


Dave Green
Webtrading - CTCN

P.S. - Once again, I wish you and your family great personal and
investment success in the Year 2000 and beyond. Please visit our websites
for more trading related information and use our free Traders Search
Engine for lots of free trading knowledge on most any subject. This
powerful free online searchable knowledge base has lots of great trading
and investing information. In fact, we recently added even more content to
its knowledge base to help you achieve trading success thru knowledge.
Itís probably the best way to obtain free knowledge, which can lead to

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