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Date: Jan 07 2000 19:34:23 EST
From: "Dave Green" <ctcn@webtrading.com>
Subject: Trading Knowledge from Webtrading - CTCN Electronic Issue-51 is attached

Dear Webtrading free opt-in trading communications list member,

As a reminder, you are getting email from us because in the past
you asked
to go on this list, or you requested info on a trading related
subject we cover
via this email communications method, or you are a client of

This electronic email issue is 48-pages long, jam-packed with
knowledge for you. Thought it's less than 1/2 its normal size due
to the file
compression, it will still take some time to self-extract the
WinZip file and
save it to your hard disk, perhaps 2 to 4 minutes, so please be

It's a self-extracting .exe file so you do not need to run or own
WinZip yourself. After Double-Clicking on the File Attachment or
perhaps clicking
on the button to open an attached file, i.e. AOL users, simply
the directory you want to save it in. By default it will go in
your Temp
Directory but it's best to save it to a different folder for easy
future access,
such as your My Documents Folder.

You may get the standard warning message regarding potential
viruses anytime you receive an exe program file, including ours.
We can assure you our computer and all its files have been
thoroughly checked using the latest version of the McAfee
VirusScan software. We also take other precautions to guard
against viruses.

Sorry for the delay in sending this to you.

Good health, trading & investing in the New Millennium!

Dave Green
CTCN - webtrading.com

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