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Date: Jul 07 1999 05:22:29 EDT
From: "Commodity Traders Club" <ctcn@webtrading.com>
Subject: Error in last CTCN e-mail - use this one!

I think all these PC Problems are driving me crazy! I can't even type my
URL Links correctly, using the wrong Search Engine URL and even spelling
the word knowledge wrong! Too bad this ListBot program does not seem to
have a Spell Checker. I really need one most of the time! Anyway, here is
the corrected info. Please delete the e-mail of a few minutes ago. Thank
you, Dave 

Dear Friend,

You may not know this, but both our primary computer and our secondary
system are down! We lost computer # 1 about 3-weeks ago. It was an
expensive new Dell System purchased only 4 months earlier. It would not
boot-up completely. Actually, this system was a "lemon" right from the
start, with many misc. problems and bugs, finally leading to the fatal bug
of it running but not booting-up at all. 

Dell sent on-site technicians here on two occasions. They replaced the
Motherboard, Main Processor and even the Power Supply, to no avail.
Finally, they gave up and Dell agreed to send a replacement new machine.
We received notice it shipped out today!

System # 2 also went down about 2-weeks ago. A similar problem involving
the Windows Prompt not coming up. It seems it was somehow "stuck" in DOS
Mode! After dozens of hours of amazingly poor support from Gateway 2000 we
finally gave up and decided to try and fix it ourselves. We installed a
new large Hard Disk and ordered a Bios Upgrade, which also should arrive
this week and hopefully work OK.

If we are lucky, we will have both systems up and running by weeks-end!
Let's hope it's not wishfull thinking!

What does all this have to do with Commodity Traders Club and your ListBot
e-mail membership? Actually quite a lot. Our CTCN Newsletter (May/June
Issue) which is mailed to paid members of our Club is already over 2-weeks
late due to these problems. We probably will not be able to send it out
until near the end of July! However, you will not miss any issues due to
this. If you are a paid Club Member, thanks for your patience!

As far as this e-mail communications list is concerned, these PC problems
have resulted in delays in implementing lots of free stuff we had planned
to give you. However, they will still be provided but  delayed a few weeks
or so. We may be able to send some misc. polls and info to you quicker.

This e-mail is being sent using Computer # 3, actually my daughters
computer, an old Gateway 466-66 from the early 1990's. It's limited and is
lacking most of the programs we use, including our scanner and much of our
software. However, it's still good for e-mail and web browsing as it has a
56K Modem.

Once again, thanks for joining this new e-mail group. Please remember you
may actively participate by sending e-mails to all club members at any
time and about most any subject. 

Also, if you have not already done so we would appreciate you completing
your online Member Profile ASAP. In addition, please access the URL's
listed below for lots of free knowledge and benefit.


Dave Green

https://www.webtrading.com   CTCN Membership Club & Knowledge Website

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