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Date: Dec 05 1999 23:33:02 EST
From: ElaineElaineE@aol.com
Subject: Re: Participating in S&P500 daytrading discussions

Dear Len:
Your note about trading the S&P500 is exciting and as we both know could be 
very rewarding.  I could not say that I have profited from it though.  Of 
course you must use only cash you can afford to lose.  At one time I made 
alot on futures but then went on to lose alot.  I am probably only a little 
ahead presently.

The grains really frustrate me because I keep getting the feeling that 
information is out there (such as government marketing loan benefits, changes 
in production, etc.), and I would love to get a handle on it.

Am currently a very very modest trader, but wanted to acknowledge your note 
and that I appreciate it.  In the meantime have fun my friend and remember 
that you could make money at the races also.  Need I say please don't this 
note for marketing purposes.  

LOL,  Elaine

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